Starish and QUARTET NIGHT unveil cover art for Eternal song CD

Cover art for Starish and QUARTET NIGHT‘s upcoming collaboration single, “Setsugetsuka” is out.

Setsugekka” is scheduled to be released on 21/11/2018 on a special CD + DVD edition. This is a collaboration single between Starish and QUARTET NIGHT.

The single is going to be released in three different editions:

  • YUKI/Snow (featuring Masato, Tokiya & Camus on the cover)
  • TSUKI/Moon (featuring Natsuki, Cecil, Reiji & Ai on the cover)
  • HANA/Flower (featuring Otoya, Ren, Syo & Ranmaru on the cover)

The cover art for each edition is the following:


All editions are going to include a music video featuring all 11 idols. According to the details unveiled this past weekend, the music video is going to include beautiful costumes made by international fashion designer Keita Maruyama.

All editions come with a 8-page booklet that includes a short commentary by each character and photos from the music video. The cover art for each edition features on the characters mentioned above.

On CDJAPAN pre-orders come with the following bonuses:

First Press Detail a card featuring character comments randomly selected from several kinds
External Bonus CDJapan exclusive bonus: jacket design postcard with the characters featured on the YUKI or TSUKI or Hana editions

More details on this release are going to be unveiled in the upcoming months. Be on the look out for more updates.

Setsugetsuka” is available for pre-order at CDJAPAN.

Source: Uta no Prince Sama official website