SSSS.GRIDMAN SHOW 03 to be livestreamed this weekend

After its postponement in February, SSSS.GRIDMAN SHOW 03 is actually going to happen however in a different format.

SSSS.GRIDMAN SHOW 03 was initially going to be held at Yanagi Arena in Tokyo on 07/03/2020 (two sessions).

The cast confirmed included seiyuu Hikaru Midorikawa, Yuya Hirose, Soma Saito, Yume Miyamoto, Reina Ueda, Ryosuke Takahashi, Katsuyuki Konishi, Aoi Yuki, Masaya Matsukaze, Tetsu Inada, Mayumi Shintani, Akari Kito, Karin Takahashi and the band, OxT.

However, due to Coronavirus concerns, the event was postponed on 28/02/2020.

Now, PONY CANYON announced that SSSS.GRIDMAN SHOW 03 is still going to happen on the initially planned day however, instead of an on-location event, it will be a livestream available for everyone via Youtube.

Unfortunately, only part of the cast originally confirmed to attend the event will be at this livestream.

Yuya Hirose, Soma Saito, Yume Miyamoto, Reina Ueda and Karin Takahashi are the seiyuu confirmed to attend this livestream.

The livestream is going to be available on 07/03/2020 at 20h JST. Make sure to click the video below to let Youtube tell you at what time it will be broadcasted in your location.

SOURCE: SSSS.GRIDMAN official twitter account