SP!CA release music video snippet for “Special Nu World”

SP!CA, unit part of SEGA‘s new idol project “Readyyy!“, released a snippet of the music video for their debut single, “Special Nu World“.

SP!CA consists on Tetsuei Sumiya (Artsvision), Norihito Hase (81 Produce), Hayato Komiya (Artsvision), Noriaki Kanze (Ken Production) and Atsushi Endo (Artsvision).

SP!CA debuted with “Special Nu World” song composed by Kazuaki Yamashita and arrangement by CHOKKAKU (SMAP, KinKi Kids, V6, L’Arc ~ el ~ Ciel).

A snippet of the music video for “Special Nu World” can be found on SEGA‘s official youtube channel. Production I.G was in charge of the animation for this music video.

The full version is going to be premiered at the upcoming live event, scheduled for 17/06/2018. More details on it can be found HERE.

SOURCE: Readyyy! official twitter account