SparQlew to premiere debut song at Kiramune Music Festival 2018

Kiramune‘s new unit SparQlew is going to premiere their debut song at this year’s Kiramune Music Festival.

SparQlew consists on Yuto Uemura, Shun Horie, Shoya Chiba, Yuuya Hozumi and Takuto Yoshitaka. The five-piece group are hosting the radio show [Kiramune Presents Our Music Park] since later last year.

The unit is going to make an exclusive release of a maxi single including their debut song ハジマリノソラ (Hajimari no Sora) at Kiramune Music Festival 2018. This special release is only available for those that attend the event.

ハジマリノソラ (Hajimari no Sora) is going to be featured as the opening theme for their radio show.

To get to know the group and its members, please check this video released later last year.

SOURCE: Kiramune official website