SparQlew to grace the back cover of Pick-up Voice

Pick-up Voice unveiled today the cover as well as the lineup for the upcoming April issue.

SparQlew, Kiramune‘s new unit consisting of Yuto Uemura, Shun Horie, Shoya Chiba, Yuuya Hozumi and Takuto Yoshitaka is featured on the back cover.

The back cover is the following:

The lineup for this issue includes: Hiro Shimono, Daisuke Namikawa, Tomokazu Seki and the serialization corners of Shun Horie, Kiramune Company and BB-voice.

Pick-up Voice‘s April issue is going to be released on 26/02/2018. This issue is currently unavailable for purchase CDJAPAN for overseas fans.

Source: Pick-up Voice official Twitter account