Soma Saito’s “Summerholic!” released on Spotify

Soma Saito Petrichor

SACRA MUSIC released Soma Saito‘s Summerholic! on streaming platforms worldwide.

The 2nd entry in Soma Saito‘s ongoing in bloom series, and second chapter in his solo career as a solo artist, Summerholic! is now available on streaming platforms – including Spotify worldwide.

Summerholic! was released on 19/08/2020 and changes quite a few things in Saito’s dynamics as a singer-songwriter, embracing simplicity and – surprisingly – shedding his trademark twists and double entendres.

If you’re a fan of surfer rock and pop-punk and won’t strange the sudden happy-go-lucky sound coming from Soma Saito, then this is a must check track.

This is the 3rd release by the multi-talented seiyuu and singer-songwriter to be released on Spotify Worldwide (a note that his first 3 releases are not available for European, US and Latin America fans).

Early this year, his 1st EP, my blue vacation was made available via Spotify. Petrichor is also there.

Summerholic! has soared on iTunes’ Alternative and Music Charts. Additionally, details on his 3rd and final entry in this series, Palette, are out.

As always, remember to support your favorite male seiyuu by streaming their music from official outlets instead of supporting piracy.

SOURCE: Soma Saito on Spotify

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