Soma Saito tops iTunes charts with “Summerholic!”

Soma Saito Petrichor

Soma Saito does it again! His new digital single, Summerholic!, soared on iTunes’ charts upon release.

Soma Saito‘s new digital single, Summerholic!, part of his in bloom series, was released today.

Upon release on iTunes in Japan, the song took over its Alternative chart, claiming #1, once again ahead of Japan’s Alternative chart toppers, King Gnu.

Petrichor, the 1st entry in the in bloom series, has also found its way back to the top, grabbing #6 on the same chart.

At the same time Summerholic! claimed #2 on iTunes Music chart.

Congratulations are in order!

Don’t forget to check the music video for Summerholic!.

On another note: 

Saito recently unveiled details on the 3rd and final part of the in bloom trilogy, Palette.

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SOURCE: Soma Saito Official artist twitter account