Soma Saito to be featured on Skream! magazine

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Skream! magazine has announced that Soma Saito is going to be featured on their June issue.

Skream!, free online and physical magazine focused on Alternative Rock music acts, has interviewed Saito about デート” (Date), new single scheduled to be released in June. This interview is going to be featured on Skream!‘s June issue.

The announcement was made today via twitter.

As mentioned above, Skream! magazine is distributed for free both online as well as physically (this one only available in Japan).

[UPDATED 17/06/2018] The interview is already available at Skream!‘s official website – HERE. (Note that the interview is completely in Japanese). Saito talked about his musical influences, gave an in-depth overview on each song included on this single (for example, “Reminiscence” is one of the oldest tracks he’s written and the oldest featured on this single), mentioned his longtime passion for songwriting (since middle school) and how hard it was to find a voice for his solo work (as opposed to voicing and performing as characters for 2.5D projects), between many other things. 

SOURCE: Skream Magazine official twitter account