Soma Saito unveils bonuses for “quantum stranger”

quantum stranger official promo photo

Sony Music unveiled today the bonuses included with Soma Saito‘s 1st full-length album. Music video for Kesho Sekai to start screening tomorrow at Animate stores in Japan.

quantum stranger” is scheduled to be released on 19/12/2018, available in 3 editions: regular, limited Type A and Type B editions.

The cover art is the following for each edition:

Regular edition
Limited edition A
Limited edition B

Saito composed and/or wrote lyrics to 8 out of the 12 songs. Saku is credited with arrangements to 5 songs. Indie outfit Youmentbay wrote lyrics, composed and arranged the song “Incense“. Jun Suyama (TVXQ, Boa, Nana Mizuki, etc) co-composed 光は水のよう (Hikari wa mizu no yo).

The complete tracklist is the following:

01 - フィッシュストーリー
[lyrics/composition/arrangement: Masayoshi Oishi]
02 - デラシネ 
[lyrics/composition: Soma Saito / arrangement: Saku]
03 - sunday morning(catastrophe) 
[lyrics/composition: Soma Saito / arrangement: Saku]
04 - レミング、愛、オベリスク  
[lyrics/composition: Soma Saito / arrangement: Teppei Shimizu]
05 - るつぼ  
[lyrics/composition: Soma Saito / arrangement: Saku]
06 - ヒカリ断ツ雨  
[lyrics: hotaru/ composition/arrangement: yamazo]
07 - レミニセンス –unplugged- 
[lyrics/composition: Soma Saito / arrangement: Saku]
08 - デート  
[lyrics/composition: Soma Saito / arrangement: Saku]
09 - 光は水のよう  
[lyrics: Soma Saito / composition: YU-G and Jun Suyama]
10 - 夜明けはまだ
[lyrics: Kodama Ameko / composition: Masayoshi Takasaka / arrangement: Ryoki Matsumoto]
11 - Incense 
[lyrics/composition/arrangement: Youmentbay]
12 - 結晶世界  [TITLE TRACK]
[lyrics/composition: Soma Saito / arrangement: Saku]

Saito pitched in via his official artist account on twitter mentioning that the album “contains a wide variety of music genres” and added that fans can expect “dark, groovy and emo” songs in this release.

The music video of 結晶世界 (Kesho Sekai). is going to be available to watch at Animate stores throughout Japan from 28/11/2018 to 04/12/2018. Check the official announcement to check which Animate store will be screening the music video.

Those that pre-order the album at Animate during the days the music video will be screening at that specific store (or have pre-ordered at Animate before the screening) will receive the following B3 poster.

B3 poster (Animate physical store pre-order)

Pre-orders at Animate are also eligible to enter for a special talk event with Soma Saito on 23/12/2018 at Animate Ikebukuro. This benefit, however, must be requested when the pre-order is made, Animate won’t automatically offer it to the buyer.

The contents for each edition are the following:

  • Regular: CD only
  • Limited edition Type A: CD + DVD/Blu-ray* (music video for 結晶世界) + EP size cover jacket (18 cm x 18 cm)
  • Limited edition Type B: CD + Photobook (40 pages) + 3 sided case

All editions come with a special form to apply for the lottery (to win tickets for his first live). Application period: December 19, 2018 (Wed) 12:00 JST to January 15, 2019 (Tue) 18:00 JST.

* Some retail stores have the limited edition Type A listed with Blu-ray. Soma Saito’s official website mentions that the Type A edition comes with a DVD instead of a Blu-ray.

Previews of the bonus bromides (per store), to be included with the first press editions of this album, were unveiled today.

Animega, HMV, toranoana, Sony Music Store and ANIPLEX+’s stores
TSUTAYA RECORDS (online as well)

According to Sony Music, more details on this album are going to be unveiled this Friday (30/11).

On another note, Saito is going to hold his first live at Maihama Amphitheatre in Chiba on 24/02/2019 to celebrate the first album release.

quantum stranger is available for pre-order at CDJAPAN.

SOURCE: Soma Saito Official website

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