Soma Saito to release 1st photobook in 2019

The talented seiyuu and songwriter is going to release his first photobook in 2019.

It was announced today that Soma Saito is going to release his first photobook, in collaboration with the magazine Seiyuu Men, in the coming year.

Titled SOMA SAITO 本にまつわるエトセトラ PHOTO BOOK (SOMA SAITO Hon ni matsuwaru etcetera PHOTO BOOK), the photobook is planned for release in January 2019.

This photobook is going to include a book recommendation feature, a “date” themed photo story, unpublished photos, Q&A100 and a long interview

The first preview is out.

The photobook is already listed at HMV for pre-order. A release event is going to be held on 02/02/2019. More details on it can be found on HMV’s official website.

On another note: Saito released his first full-length album “quantum stranger” on 19/12/2018. The album claimed #1 on iTunes’ Anime Album chart and is ranked within top 5 on Oricon Daily since its release. Details on his first live “quantum stranger(s)” are out.