Soma Saito’s “Petrichor” released on Spotify

Soma Saito Petrichor

SACRA MUSIC released Soma Saito‘s Petrichor on streaming platforms worldwide.

Soma Saito’s 1st entry in his in bloom series, and second chapter in his solo career as a solo artist, Petrichor is now available on streaming platforms – including Spotify worldwide.

Petrichor was released on 27/06/2020 and is a big departure from Saito’s sound in his first 3 years as a solo artist, bringing city pop and jazz together to create a unique soundscape that smells of rain and nostalgia, with a pinch of matured allure and elegance on top while treading darker territory.

Petrichor was well received, topping topped iTunes Alternative chart in Japan as well as Animelo and Recochoku‘s digital charts.

This is the 2nd release by the multi-talented seiyuu and singer-songwriter to be released on Spotify. Early this year, his 1st EP, my blue vacation was made available via the popular streaming platform.

As always, remember to support your favorite male seiyuu by streaming their music from official outlets instead of supporting piracy.

On another note, Soma Saito recently unveiled details on the 2nd entry in the in bloom series, Summerholic!.

SOURCE: Soma Saito Official twitter account