Soma Saito kicks off “in bloom” series: 3 singles to be released this summer

Soma Saito Petrichor

Singer-songwriter Soma Saito celebrated his 3rd anniversary as a solo artist with a special announcement.

It has been 3 years since Soma Saito made his solo debut with Fish Story. At the same time, Saito recently announced the release of a new digital single – ペトリコール (Petrichor) – but, that isn’t where the news end.

SACRA announced that Soma Saito is going to release 3 digital singles this summer part of a series called in bloom. This is the 2nd chapter in Saito’s solo career, one that hints at being darker than the one that encompasses his first 3 years as a solo act.

The main themes in this in bloom series are: The Change of Seasons and Beyond the end of the world.

Soma Saito then went to his official twitter account to celebrate his 3rd anniversary as a solo artist as well as unveiling some details on what he is working on.

According to himself, 3 digital singles are going to be released and there will be a CD release some time down the line – there is no mention on whether this will be a single, EP or an album. He wraps up thanking his fans for the continued support.

A behind the scenes photo was also released.

A reminder that any information tweeted on Soma Saito‘s artist twitter account is only about his solo artist career. For other information please refer to his official work blog – HERE.

A note as well that Saito released in March the digital single, Epilogue, which marks the end of an era – musically – in his solo career.

ペトリコール (Petrichor) is going to be released digitally on 27/06/2020.

SOURCE: Soma Saito Official artist twitter account / Soma Saito official website

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