VOICE NEWTYPE issues 3rd edition of Soma Saito’s “Healthy, Cultural Bare-minimum Living”

Due to popular demand, Soma Saito‘s “Healthy, Cultural Bare-minimum Living” essay book heads towards its 3rd edition.

Healthy, Cultural Bare-minimum Living” (健康で文化的な最低限度の生活), column Saito has been writing for KIKI-VOICE/Voice Newtype, was published as an essay book on 31/10/2018.

According to VOICE NEWTYPE, due to popular demand and the fact that the first two editions of this book completely sold out in stores across Japan as well as online retailers (CDJAPAN, Animate, etc), the company decided to issue a 3rd edition of “Healthy, Cultural Bare-minimum Living“.

The essay book counts with a total of 168 pages (A5 size) and includes all essays compiled released so far in Soma Saito’s “Healthy, Cultural Bare-minimum Living” serialization column + exclusive photos taken in Saito’s hometown, Yamanashi. The cover was illustrated by Ishii Hiroyuki.

This 3rd edition doesn’t include with any of the 1st edition’s bonuses. Some stores already have the 3rd editions already in stock others will only have it starting this week.

Healthy, Cultural Bare-minimum Living” is already restocked at CDJAPAN.

SOURCE: Voice Newtype official twitter account