Soma Saito announces work on new music project

Soma Saito is back to teasing his fans on twitter.

Saito posted on twitter “It’s getting quite cold! I’m Soma Saito! Well, it’s been a while since the release of Date, and I’m working on a new project! I’m sure you’ll enjoy it, so please wait a little longer! S

On the board it’s written “Secret“.

Saito released his 3rd single “Date” in June. The rock single topped Billboard’s Hot Animation chart and ranked at #7 on Oricon Weekly, making it his 3rd straight top 10 on Oricon. It is speculated that the follow up release is going to be released this winter (late 2018 or early 2019).

We’ll be following any developments on this news in the following months. Make sure to be on the look out for more updates.

A reminder that any information tweeted on Soma Saito‘s artist twitter account is only about his solo artist career. For other information please refer to his official work blog – HERE.

SOURCE: Soma Saito Official artist twitter account