Soma Saito 5th Anniversary Live ~étranger/banquet~ to be released on Blu-ray/DVD

Soma Saito 5th Anniversary Live ~étranger/banquet~

Soma Saito 5th Anniversary Live ~étranger/banquet~, a 2-day live show held in May 2023, will be released on Blu-ray/DVD.

Soma Saito recently announced the release of a new live Blu-ray/DVD.

Soma Saito 5th Anniversary Live ~étranger/banquet~” will be released on Blu-ray and DVD on 27/09/2023.

There are 3 editions available: DVD and Blu-ray (the only difference between them is the disc and footage quality) and Limited edition.

The covers are the following per edition:

This release includes the complete footage from DAY 2 (banquet) which was held at Makuhari Messe International Exhibition Hall 1 – 3 on May 28, 2023.

The setlist was the following:

1 - ラプソディ・インフェルノ (Rhapsody Inferno)
2 - エニグマ・ゲーム (Enigma Game)
3 - デート (Date)
4 - デラシネ (Deraciné)
5 - 幻日 (Genjitsu)
6 - 林檎 (Ringo)
7 - ワルツ (Waltz)
8 - 風花 (Kazahana)
9 - Lonely Darling
-band session/banquet-
10 - mirrors
11 - 蝿の王 (Hae No Ou)
12 - Paper Tigers
13 - memento
14 - 結晶世界 (Kessho Sekai)
15 - Summerholic! [Encore]
16 - フィッシュストーリー (Fish Story) [Encore]
17 - いさな (isana) [W.Encore]

The digest video is out.

The live performance videos of “Hae no Ou” and “memento” are out. Check them out below!

The contents for each edition are the following:

  • DVD/Blu-ray: Complete footage from DAY 2 (banquet)
  • Limited edition: Complete footage from DAY 2 (banquet) + bonus content (selected footage from DAY 1 – étranger) + photobook + photocard

The setlist for the bonus content is the following:

1 - Vampire Weekend
-band session/étranger-
2 - 埋み火 (uzumibi)
3 - carpool

Pre-orders and first press editions purchased at CDJAPAN come with the following bonus:

External Bonusphoto
Soma Saito 5th Anniversary Live étranger banquet CDJAPAN bonus
CDJAPAN bonus photo

Soma Saito 5th Anniversary Live ~étranger/banquet~” is available for purchase at CDJAPAN.

SOURCE: Soma Saito official website (cover art update)


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