SolidS vs QUELL “X Lied” VOL.1 – Final details unveiled

xliedMarch is a month full of great releases and one of the most anticipated is the X Lied series from Tsukino-Pro. In the SQ group (SolidS and QUELL) we find Shiki Takamura (Takuya Eguchi) and Shu Izumi (Shunsuke Takeuchi) tackling their solo songs.

The volume 1 is set to be released on 24/03/2017, available in a single edition.

The cover art is the following:

xlied solids quell

The tracklist is the following:

01. クロスノーツ
02. End of Night
03. クロスノーツ (off vocal)
04. End of Night (off vocal)

A preview to both songs is already available on Tsukino-Pro‘s official youtube channel.

The volume 1 is available for pre-order on CDJAPAN for all overseas fans.

SQ "X Lied" / Shiki Takamura (Takuya Eguchi), Shu Izumi (Shunsuke Takeuchi)
Shiki Takamura (Takuya Eguchi), Shu Izumi (Shunsuke Takeuchi)