SolidS vs QUELL “X Lied” VOL.1 – Details unveiled

xliedAs it was announced earlier, Tsukino-Pro has a new project in motion. “X Lied” is the new cross unit project that has managed to grab the fans’ attention.

In the first volume for the SQ group (SolidS and QUELL) we have Shiki Takamura (Takuya Eguchi) vs Shu Izumi (Shunsuke Takeuchi) respectively. The leaders from both groups go head to head in what is one of the most anticipated matchups among this series.

The volume 1 is set to be released on 24/03/2017, available in a single edition. The release will count with a total of four tracks, a solo track for each member and the respective instrumental tracks.

The cover art and the tracklist are unknown at the moment, as soon as more details are unveiled we’ll update this news.

The volume 1 is already available for pre-order on CDJAPAN for all overseas fans.

SQ "X Lied" / Shiki Takamura (Takuya Eguchi), Shu Izumi (Shunsuke Takeuchi)
Shiki Takamura (Takuya Eguchi), Shu Izumi (Shunsuke Takeuchi)

SOURCE: Tsukino-Pro official website (1)