SolidS, QUELL, SOARA and GROWTH greet fans through special videos

SOARA, GROWTH, SolidS and QUELL have released special videos today! The four units under Tsukino-pro‘s talent agency are set to appear in the greenlit anime “TSUKIPRO THE ANIMATION“, set to premiere in October.

Each group released a promotional video with formal presentations, a bit of background into the characters and their groups, their leaders, debut songs and their most recent release. You can watch them below on Tsukino-Pro‘s official youtube channel.

TSUKIPRO THE ANIMATION  is set to premiere during the upcoming fall season. Tsukino-Pro has officially started to tease fans for the anime premiere in October through these series of promotional videos.

Last week it was announced that  SOARA, GROWTH, SolidS and QUELL are going to perform songs for the anime series.

SOURCE: Tsukino Production official youtube channel