SolidS “Lily” (review)


SolidS kicked off Tsukipro‘s Kachou Fuugetsu series “Hana”, choosing “Lily” as their representative flower, and what a better to start it then to have Natsuki Hanae at the helm? As Sera Rikka, Natsuki Hanae tackles a tough and long track with flawless beauty and technique.


Single: Lily
Label: Tsukino Pro
Release date: 22/04/2016 
Genre: J-Pop/Rock


01. Lily -寄り添う百合のように-
02. Lily -寄り添う百合のように-off vocal-

Track analysis:

1 – Lily

Lily” it’s a complete auditory experience. The song might kick off a little bit slow while the bright piano melody and shamisen lay the first notes setting the mood for this track. Quickly things change as minimal synthetic drums and synth pads join in. The first verse keeps things incredibly simple, leaving enough room for Hanae‘s lower register to shine. As a powerful tenor, well known for his high note belting, it was refreshing to find him tackling a challenging register for him throughout the verses but he still nailed it flawlessly. So far this is the longest track featured in the Kachou Fuugetsu series, but “Lily” doesn’t even come near to being boring with its 6:35 minutes of timeless quality. With a higher register in the chorus, Hanae showcases his falsetto and dazzling high notes enveloped in the soothing instrumental led by the piano and shamisen, complemented with soothing synth pads to give an ethereal air to it. The timeless touch given by the shamisen mixed with minimal drums and synths surprised us – for how great of a mix it is. The vocal performance was stellar – take some time to listen to this flawless piece of heaven if you can. SolidS kicked off this series with a powerful track.

Final rating:5 stars

Lily” is available for purchase at CDJAPAN.

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