SolidS “Canaria” (Review)


SolidS‘ second take on Tsukino Pro‘s Kachou Fuugetsu series takes us to the “tori” theme. With “Canaria” as their chosen bird, it’s time for Soma Saito to showcase his vocal prowess in what is a memorable jazz-meets-rock track.


Single: Canaria
Label: Tsukino-Pro
Release date: 24/06/16
Genre: J-Rock/Alternative Rock


01. Canaria
02. Canaria -off vocal-

Track analysis:

01. Canaria

Soma Saito takes the helm in “Canaria“, a track that strays a bit away from SolidS‘ trademark electrifying pop-rock, this time pending more towards an acoustic sound, courtesy of the acoustic guitars, toned down drums and mid-tempo guitar riffs. “Canaria” features an incredibly mesmerizing bassline, adding a lot of groove to the track. This sort of acoustic, laid back jazz-meets-rock sound seems to fit with Saito‘s polyvalent vocals that, although rooted at their mid-tones, impress when belting high notes or using falsetto. Saito seems to be improving by heaps with each song SolidS’s release. If we could explain in a simple way what kind of song this is: it’ll be like good old SID meets good old Alice Nine (A9), in a groovy alternative rock track that will grab you attention with no intention of letting you go. Simple and catchy instrumental with a solid vocal performance to match. 4.5/5

Final rating:4.5 stars

Canaria” is available for purchase on CDJAPAN for all overseas fans.