Soichiro Hoshi to kick off his second live show in May


Veteran seiyuu and pop singer Soichiro Hoshi is back on the road for a new live. His second live titled “SOICHIRO HOSHI 2nd LIVE “StarRing PARTY☆” is set for this May. 

The live is going to be held in Tokyo at Nakano zero main hall on 07/05/2016. The event was planned by Shoichiro Hoshi himself and is produced by Frontier Works.

Hoshi released in 2014 his mini-album “LITTLE WORLD” in collaboration with music composer giants ELEMENTS GARDEN. The mini-album was received with mild reviews and since then fans are still waiting for his comeback.

Still no news about new music from him but we’re hoping for a comeback later this year.

SOURCE: MOCA news / Shoichiro Hoshi official website