SOARA return as a unit for their 3rd release in the RE:START series. Be ready to experience SOARA‘s greatness with the mind blowing instrumental, unmatched energy and electrifying vocals of LIFE IS AMAZING.

Title: ALIVE SOARA RE:START series vol.3 SOARA
Label: Tsukipro/Movic
Release date: 28/09/2018
Genre: Pop-Rock


2- LIFE IS AMAZING -off vocal-

Track analysis:


For this group release, SOARA embrace a new theme, free fall. With this theme in mind and putting to use the group’s trademark youthful and energetic pop-rock, LIFE IS AMAZING is the embodiment of fun and excitement. If you’re familiar with SOARA‘s songs, you’ll notice that this instrumental is anything alike what they’ve released so far. There’s emphasis put on this song sound raw, as if the listener was inside the studio with the band. The song starts with a muffled piano melody, leading to a countdown that gives way to infectious hi-hat driven drums. The pacing is not too fast but with a nice tempo that makes the song exciting. A mesmerizing bass line, fancy synths and a funky guitar riffs complete this high-tension instrumental.

If the instrumental wasn’t enough to leave you in awe, SOARA made sure to deliver their best vocal performance since debut to sweep you off your feet. Their performance is electrifying, with an energy that make it impossible not to be drawn into it. You’ll find yourself wanting to sing along but, at the same time, take some time to take in the greatness you’re experiencing. This is a unique experience, especially coming from SOARA.

In the past couple of releases it has been noticeable that there’s been some shifts in the vocal assignments, especially by handing more parts to the neglected trio – Furukawa, Sawashiro and Murata. This time around, vocal assignments gave everyone their spotlight in ways that had never been done within this group. Everyone was in the spotlight for individual parts as well as for backing vocals, taking turns or being paired up with contrasting tones that enriched this song. I found this to be crafty and the major reason as to why the vocals sound so perfect in both feel and quality. If you haven’t listened to this song yet (please do it), you’re in for a surprise as Toyonaga, Ono, Sawashiro, Murata and Furukawa went all out to deliver the most balanced and fine tuned performance as members of SOARA. Between Toyonaga‘s masterful versatility, Ono‘s reliable mid and low tones, Sawashiro‘s upbeat mid-tones, Murata‘s high and mid-tones and Furukawa‘s all out fancy performance (really went all out with his vibrato and falsetto, with a particularly haunting part in the bridge), you won’t help but to be constantly in awe. This is a memorable performance with an unmatched energy and a great, uplifting vibe.

SOARA steal the show with what is, hands down, their best song released to date.

Final rating:

ALIVE SOARA [RE:START] Series Vol. 3 is available for purchase at CDJAPAN.


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