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SOARA returned in mellow and mature fashion with their newest single “FRIEND“, one of the band’s best releases to date.

Label: Tsukino Production/Movic
Release date:  22/12/2017
Genre: Pop-Rock



Track analysis:


It’s not often that SOARA embraces a quieter, simpler and overall more delicate sound. Of course, there have been quite some visits to quieter sounds and simpler instrumentals, but nothing quite like what we find with FRIEND.

FRIEND is that one song in SOARA‘s repertoire that immediately embraces the listener with a warmer than usual sound, setting aside the band’s trademark hyped youthful pop-rock. The instrumental doesn’t rely on much to impress. Emotional strings set the tone to this beautiful song, adding to it are a simple bass drum beat, noticeable bassline and a delicate piano melody.

On the vocal end, it is yet again satisfying find the spotlight being equally distributed among the members, something that we’ve mentioned on several occasions that is not that common on SOARA‘s songs, in which Toshiyuki Toyonaga and Yuki Ono tend to monopolize the vocal performances. We still find Toyonaga with slightly bit more spotlight than the other members, which is normal, taking into account that he’s the lead vocal for this band. The interesting thing is that now, everyone else is immediately in the back but in a back in which there’s equal screentime for everyone. Sawashiro‘s melodic notes, Taishi‘s reliable mid-tones, Furukawa‘s stunning bass notes and Ono‘s versatility on all ends of the spectrum, all got their opportunity to shine, making FRIEND the most vocally balanced songs on their repertoire.

For this song, SOARA bet on harmonies and toned down, emotion-filled performances. Those harmonies stole the show in the pre-chorus and chorus sections.

After listening to FRIEND one can’t help but to feel the love and thankfulness engraved in this lyrics. The instrumental was, indeed, a perfect fit for the tone of this song, being less playful and more serious about the band’s feelings. This seriousness was a nice change of pace from SOARA‘s trademark preppier and fun sound. Embracing a more mature sound came as a surprise however, no matter how different it might be from their usual, it fits the band incredibly well.

FRIEND is a gem of a release, easily ranking as one of the band’s best songs to date. A complete spectacle of a carefully crafted instrumental and mesmerizing vocal performances.

Final rating:

This song is included in the first DVD of TSUKIPRO THE ANIMATION. The DVD is available for purchase on CDJAPAN to all overseas fans.

Vanessa Silva
Vanessa Silva
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