Sir Vanity to release debut single this week

Sir Vanity

Sir Vanity, band fronted by Yuichiro Umehara and Yoshiki Nakajima, is going to release their debut single this week!

Sir Vanity are going to release their debut single this week.

悠 (Haruka) is scheduled to be released on 26/06/2020 (Yoshiki Nakajima’s birthday) and it will be available as a digital single.

The cover art is the following:

Sir Vanity Yu

The tracklist is the following:

1 - Vanity
2 - 悠

There are no previews available for any of these tracks.

Sir Vanity consisting of Yoshiki Nakajima (vocals and guitar), Yuichiro Umehara (vocals and guitar), Arte Refact’s Satoru Kuwabara (on bass) and taisei (VJ & Creative Director).

Sir Vanity announced their debut on April Fools. Check THIS article for this years’ April Fools pranks by male seiyuu.

The band opened their official youtube channel. They released a long introduction video to better get to know them and this project.

Additionally, they have kicked off their own radio so make sure to check their official youtube channel (link above) to listen to all the episodes released so far.