SID “Glass no Hitomi” (Review)


SID are back with a new single. “Glass no Hitomi” is not only the band’s return to the music business, but also a return to featuring songs in anime. The title track is featured in the movie “Kuroshitsuji Book of the Atlantic“.

glass no hitomi sid
Regular edition
Title: Glass no Hitomi
Label: Sony Music
Release date: 18/01/17
Genre: Rock


1. 硝子の瞳
2. チイサナツバサ

Track by track analysis:

1 – 硝子の瞳

Melodic guitar riffs lead the way in this jazzy tune. When it comes to SID‘s instrumentals we can’t find something that really went wrong. The guitar work on this song is outstanding with it’s solo parts being a major highlight in the song – we’re also counting with the acoustic guitar work in the bridge. This mid-tempo powerful song lends the help from strings, slap bass and splashy drums to complete its instrumental. Mao‘s performance is one again of top quality, given that he is doing what he does best – giving life to his performances with a dynamic and emotional take on the lyrics. This is a typical SID song that doesn’t really sound like what they have been doing recently. 5/5

2. チイサナツバサ

Laidback guitar riffs lead the way in “Little Wings“, a song that makes us reminisce on the band’s earlier sound (Play). This song puts the jazz influences aside and brings their melodic rock sound in its place. What we got was an exciting track with fast drumming, addicitive guitar parts (the bridge part is simply amazing) and strong basslines full of depth. Vocally, there’s nothing to point out, Mao‘s performance goes beyond what we could have expected, laying a bit of vibrato into the song, the finishing touches for this encouraging song. 4.5/5

Final rating: 4.5 stars

SID make another solid comeback with “Glass no Hitomi“. The title track is a real treat for their fans, giving us yet another taste of their flawless rock + jazz formula. For those that have been missing the band’s old sound, “Little Wings” does its job well. Their expressive rock sound rooted in technical guitar playing and mesmerizing funky basslines is something pretty unique for this band, something that keeps on impressing their fans even after all these years.

Glass no Hitomi” is a good start to 2017, year we hope that we can be gifted with yet more good releases from the jazzy rockers.

Glass no Hitomi” is available for purchase on CDJAPAN for all overseas fans.

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