Shunsuke Takeuchi impresses Japanese media with his growth

Photo by komaDwataru

Shunsuke Takeuchi seems to have caught the eyes of Japanese media. Nijimen highlights Takeuchi‘s coolness and impressive looks in a short article.

Photo by komaDwataru

The candid photos were taken by Wataru Komada (@komaDwataru on Twitter), fellow 81 Produce seiyuu as well as a photographer. The photos display Shunsuke Takeuchi‘s newfound charisma and charm in a laidback, urban environment.

Photo by komaDwataru

Takeuchi celebrated his 20th anniversary in the past 12th September. He’s been active as a seiyuu since he was 16. His most famous role up until now is his role as Producer for Idolmaster Cinderella Girls. It was with this role that his popularity started to grow. Everyone was suprised that such a powerful, low voice was coming from the body of a 16 year-old.

Growing from a simple high schooler into a fashionista and charismatic university student (currently attending Arts school), Takeuchi has changed a lot since his debut. He’s almost unrecognizable if you look at his debut photo.

Nijimen ends the article mentioning that some of the photos included in Wataru Komada‘s twitter posts were actually tweaked by Takeuchi himself.

SOURCE: Original article by Nijimen / Photos by komaDwataru

Adaptation/translation: THTFHQ midorin