Shunichi Toki birthday event to be held in August

Shunichi Toki

After all, Shunichi Toki’s fans will get to celebrate his birthday with him. There are updates on Toki’s birthday event.

Seiyuu and solo artist Shunichi Toki turned 31 on 07/05/2020 however, his originally planned birthday event set to be held in May ended up changing format and was, instead, held as a special live radio broadcast.

TOKI'S BD 2020

TOKI’s BD 2020 is going to be held at Yamano Hall in Tokyo on 08/08/2020.

The event is going to count with talk and live corners for its 3 sessions – noon, afternoon and evening.

Tickets can be found via Kyanime. For more details please refer to the official Shunichi Toki website (link below).

At the same time, Shunichi Toki announced that he is working on his 1st mini-album.