Shunichi Toki unveils details on birthday event

Shunichi Toki plans on celebrating his birthday with his fans.

Seiyuu and solo artist Shunichi Toki turns 31 on 07/05/2020. He announced that he will meet his fans at a special birthday event in May.

土岐隼一バースデーイベント2020(仮) (Toki Shunichi Birthday Event 2020 (tentative title) ) is going to be held at Yamano Hall in Tokyo on 05/05/2020.

The event is going to count with talk and live corners for its 2 sessions – afternoon and evening.

Tickets can be found via Kyanime. For more details please refer to the official Shunichi Toki website (link below).

Source: Shunichi Toki official website