Shun Horie to guest on Seiyuu Camera Tour

Shun Horie

Shun Horie is the new guest of the seiyuu variety show Seiyuu Camera Tour.

Seiyuu Camera Tour” (声優カメラ旅) is a variety show produced by dTV channel. According to dTV channel, “Seiyuu Camera Tour” is a travel program in which popular voice actors walk through their chosen cities, documenting the cities’ charms through their own cameras and with their own sensitivity.

This is a healing show in which viewers will get to know the charms of those cities, get to know the memories some locations hold for those seiyuu and, at the same time, will have seiyuu talking about how they deal with their work life.

Shun Horie is the show’s 11th guest. He visited Shimokitazawa in Tokyo.

A couple of previews were released.

Shun Horie @ Seiyuu Camera

A short promotional video is out.

This episode is scheduled to air on 27/04/2019.

Source: Seiyuu Camera official website