Review | Shugo Nakamura “Oh No!!”

Shugo Nakamura

Shugo Nakamura brought a classy brand of funk-rock with jazz undertones in his stellar digital single, “Oh No!!“.

Title: Oh No!!
Label: Lantis
Release date: 18/11/2020
Genre: Funk-rock / Jazz


1 - Oh No!!

Track analysis:

1 – Oh No!!

Shugo Nakamura makes his first digital single release with Oh No!!, a funk-rock song that brings in feel good, loungy vibes to the table, that counts with lyrics and composition by Nakamura himself.

Everything about Oh No!! is funky, and this is, in my books, a good thing because it was done in a tasteful way.

The 1st verse counts with organ melodies in the background, summery guitar riffs and an intense bass line. Slowly, the song builds up to the chorus and the drums start to take the spotlight, leading to a powerful display in the chorus.

The break between the first chorus and the 2nd verse slows the track down in quite the interesting way, with all instruments following the slower tempo, channeling a bit of ska vibes in there.

The bridge features an entertaining section in which the drums go wild alongside the fun brass and the classy Rhodes piano – well in the background but still giving a nice accent to this funky track –, while the bass steals the show.

The bass line was the driving force in this song, leading the way with a lot of groove and charisma to it.

On the vocal end, Shugo Nakamura goes for a playful performance filled with flair.

The verses aren’t that intense on the vocals – in which he’s gliding through the notes – however the chorus demands a powerful performance that Nakamura more than delivers.

He goes for a fancy, vibrato accented performance while smoothly traversing through the verses in a legato fashion.

All in all, Oh No!! is a fun song with a classy twist and lots of influence from Jazz and funk at its core. Nakamura does it again, delivering a gem of a track.

Oh No!! is available for streaming on Spotify.

Do not support piracy. Remember to support Shugo Nakamura by streaming via official outlets.


Shugo Nakamura's compositions continue to impress with their quality. "Oh No!!" brings funk, rock and jazz together for a fancy performance. The contrast between elegance and playfulness is key in making this track standout as much as it does. And if you pay special attention to Nakamura's vocals, you'll notice that he didn't shy from delivering an engaging, addictive performance that will be difficult to forget.


Oh No!!
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