Shugo Nakamura to release a special calendar

Shugo Nakamura

Shugo Nakamura aims at making you smile everyday with his 1st calendar.

仲村宗悟 #1日1しゅうご日めくりカレンダー (Nakamura Shougo #1-nichi 1 Shugo Himekuri Calendar) is scheduled to be released on 22/10/2021.

The cover is the following:

The calendar follows the theme “daily life with Shugo Nakamura”, including a wide variety of shots such as riding a floating ring of flamingo in the pool, and eating at the local ice cream shop, Blue Seal Ice, which originated in Okinawa Prefecture.

This is a daily calendar (not tied to a specific year, thus you can use it time and time again) with a playful vibe with illustrations “Instagram” style and a pop style.

A couple of preview shots are out.

A commentary video is out.

At Animate and Gamers there is a limited set including the calendar, a making-of DVD and a mini-photobook. At Amazon / 7Net Shopping, the calendar comes with a special bromide.

Nakamura Shougo #1-nichi 1 Shugo Himekuri Calendar is unavailable for pre-order at CDJAPAN.

Source: TV Guide Person official twitter account

Last updated on 01/10/2021

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