Shoya Chiba to undergo vocal cord surgery to remove nodules

Shoya Chiba

Shoya Chiba is going on a brief hiatus to undergo surgery to remove nodules from his vocal cords.

Rising star and one of the busiest young talents among male seiyuu, Shoya Chiba has announced on his official Twitter account (confirmed by his talent agency Sigma7) that he will undergo vocal cord surgery to remove nodules.

According to Chiba, his doctor mentioned that this is not a complex/difficult surgery however recovery time can vary from person to person.

With that being said, Chiba said his passion is still to work as a voice actor and wants to do so for his whole life, but this brief hiatus is essential to focus on his recovery (ensuring he can continue working as a voice actor for a long time).

Sigma7 announced that all schedules that Chiba had for this month and July were postponed – appearances included.

For those that may not be aware, vocal cord nodules are growths that form on the vocal cords. These bumps are benign (noncancerous) and are similar to calluses that can form on the hands. 

These can appear on anyone that uses their voice a whole lot.

It causes hoarseness and may be associated with vocal overuse or vocal cord trauma (singing, screaming, yelling, and excessive talking).

This may lead to straining, voice cracks when singing, breathiness, multiple tones, loss of vocal range, vocal fatigue, or loss of voice.

The procedure to remove the nodules is considered fairly easy and recovery time will vary from person to person.

In the meantime, Choya will be certain to keep everyone updated about his recovery via his official Twitter account. He kindly asked his fans to wait for him.

For the complete official announcement, please refer to Sigma7’s official website (link below).

On another note: Shoya Chiba is active as part of the seiyuu unit Kashicomi and is part of the cast of CARNELIAN BLOOD (as a member of EROSION), PERFECTION NOISE (as a member of NOISE NOVA), VISUAL PRISON (as a member of O★Z), Tokyo Color Sonic!!, IDOLMASTER SideM (as a member of High x Joker), GAMDOL (as a member of Gambét) and B-PROJECT (as a member of KiLLER KiNG) franchises.

THTFHQ wishes Shoya Chiba a swift and complete recovery.

Source: Sigma7 official website

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