Shoya Chiba featured on Weekly TV Guide December 1, 2023 issue

Shoya Chiba Weekly TV Guide November 2023

Weekly TV Guide‘s December 1, 2023 issue hits stores on 22/11/2023.

Popular seiyuu and soon-to-be solo artist, Shoya Chiba was interviewed for the magazine’s corner “Koisuru Voice!” about his role as Tetsurou Okino in the anime series, Bullbuster.

When purchasing the “Weekly TV Guide 2023 December 1st Issue” from Animate’s online store, you’ll receive a special live photo of Shoya Chiba as a bonus in this limited-time offer.

According to TV Guide, for this issue, the photo session took place in a studio evoking a “ruins” atmosphere that aligns with the world of “Bullbuster”.

The photo captures Chiba adorned in a vibrant coat, exuding a captivating, enigmatic gaze. The magazine features shots skillfully manipulating “KEEP OUT” tape, reminiscent of the anime’s key visuals.

It is the following:

Shoya Chiba Weekly TV Guide November 2023

Shoya Chiba’s Comment: “This time, we had a photoshoot inspired by the atmosphere of “Bullbuster”. They prepared elements like the “KEEP OUT” tape, creating a unique environment reminiscent of construction sites and workspaces.

I was delighted to be photographed so stylishly within that particular ambiance. The outfit, leveraging the loose silhouette of workwear, was also very stylish. I love patterned clothes, so it became my favorite attire.

During the shoot, everyone boosted my spirits by saying, “You look cool!” I’m the type who thrives on compliments, so that was very encouraging for me.

As you flip through the pages, I hope you’ll pause when you find me peeking through the gaps in the tape, thinking, “Wow, cool!” I’d be thrilled if you spot me while turning the pages!

Weekly TV Guide‘s December 1, 2023 issue is unavailable at CDJAPAN and Amazon Japan.


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