Showtaro Morikubo to debut on new unit「buzz★Vibes」

Showtaro Morikubo and Shinnosuke

This is one of the most unexpected announcements made this summer. Showtaro Morikubo announced yesterday at 「Original Entertainment Paradise -おれパラ- 10th Anniversary ORE!!SUMMER~」 (summer festival version of Orepara that features mainly seiyuu under Lantis) that he’s formed a unit.

It was announced that Showtaro Morikubo has teamed up with Shinnosuke, former keyboard player for SOUL’d OUT. Morikubo will go by the name “M.K.B“. The unit name is “buzz★Vibes” The two will announce further plans at Showroom, live event that will be held next month on August 4, 2017.

SOURCE: Lantis