Showtaro Morikubo “Focus” (Review)

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Focus” is Showtaro Morikubo‘s daring new single. A refreshing sound befitting the now 41 year old seiyuu. Released on his birthday this shows us something incredibly new in Showtaro’s repertoire. With STEREO DIVE FOUNDATION founder R・O・N (former OLDCODEX guitarist) working in this single, it’s safe to say that there were bound to be some changes to the overall sound. Those and more can be viewed below. Let’s kick this review off!


Single: FOCUS
Label: Lantis
Release date: 25/02/15
Genre: Industrial Rock/Alternative Rock



Track by track analysis:


Late 90’s industrial rock mixed with electronica – this alone shows a lot of promise for those eager to relive the past in the future – FOCUS turns out to be one of the most interesting tracks Showtaro Morikubo has released so far. For those who have knowledge in Western industrial rock it sounds just like Celldweller mixed with some sprinkles of Nine Inch Nails. This mix is obviously a well-known formula in the music business but besides that it fits like a glove with Showtaro‘s poweful vocals.

Heavy guitar riffs, acoustic guitars, powerful drums and dirty synths make this track a must listen and complete breath of fresh air in Showtaro‘s repertoire full of rocking tracks. Innovative, powerful industrial rock, a blast from the past and a pearl in this release. 5/5



After all that power coming from FOCUS, we’re presented with yet another blast from the past: a mix between punk-rock and hip-hop reminiscing of the late 90’s, early 00’s. Kicking off with the acoustic guitar but soon gets the ranging guitars working alongside the drums. It’s a mid-tempo track more focused on highlighting Showtaro‘s gentle yet melodic vocals.

It’s not an over-the-top track like some of Showtaro‘s previous singles but still an interesting piece. 4/5 

Final rating:4.5 stars

Showtaro is back with this new single and shows us a completely different side to his music. Working with R.O.N added the electronica, experimental elements that lately we’ve been listening to in Showtaro‘s single releases. Picking up elements from electronica, mixing a bit of acoustic guitars along with it, adding some aggressive guitar riffs and powerful drums make this bundle of Industrial Rock that lately is Showtaro‘s visit card. Yeah, sure, we could say that the formula is overused, but that formula is still so fresh, it’s something that the music business has been missing and that is exactly why this is such an appealing single.

Focus” is available for purchase on CDJAPAN for all overseas fans.

Vanessa Silva
Vanessa Silva
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