Shouta Aoi “True Hearts” (Review)


Shouta Aoi is in full throttle this year. The young seiyuu/stage actor/musician is back with his second release this year, the single TRUE HEARTS. This release comes out right in time to celebrate Shouta‘s birthday (6th August) and what a way to celebrate it than with this single?

Regular edition
Single: True Hearts
Label: King Records
Genre: J-Pop
Release Date: 06/08/2014


1 - True Hearts
2 - BURNING☆MAGIC -バニ☆マジ-
3 - True Hearts (instrumental)
4 - BURNING☆MAGIC -バニ☆マジ- instrumental

Track by track analysis:

1 – True Hearts

A fantastic way to kick off this single with Shouta‘s angelic highs that doesn’t disappoint at all. That intro goes towards a mellower vibe, a slow intro leading to a burst of energy provided by the synths and drums. TRUE HEARTS is a track made for the dancefloor with its addictive bass line and synths.

The instrumental piece is clearly electronic-pop oriented with little to no guitar work on it, that’s it until we reach the outro where the guitar has its time to shine but once again we put every single instrument away and leave the stage open for Shouta‘s mesmerizing vocals leading up to yet another fancy chorus.

Solid pop track winking at the listener to set his foot on the dancefloor. 4/5


2 – BURNING☆MAGIC -バニ☆マジ-

And not breaking the pace BURNING☆MAGIC -バニ☆マジ- sticks to the same genre and we have yet another electronic pop track, a bit slower than the previous but as good as it.

Sweeping synths, synthetic drums, hits and bits of dubstep leading to constant breaks in the pace but not making the final result awkward at all. Best part in this single: the build up for the chorus and the chorus in itself.

Shouta‘s vocals seem to always be on top of their game without failing anything and giving the necessary energy to make this performance amazing.

Nothing outer-worldly but it’s addictive enough and, in comparison with the title track, it’s way more entertaining and catchy, with a decent chorus and build up and, in the end, it leaves a mark. 4/5

Final rating:4 stars

Shouta is hitting strongly the pop scene in Japan.

He’s young, multi-talented and owner of one hell of an angel’s voice! That is one of the main selling points in Shouta‘s music, you can tell that he really is talented and that crystalline, unaltered voice is something that will delight everyone.

This single has an interest lineup of tracks, this time putting aside any possible ballads and opting for a duo of electronic, bright, danceable pop tracks. It’s an entertaining single with a dancefloor vibe on it, perfect for this summer.

True Hearts is available for purchase at CDJAPAN.


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