Shouta Aoi to star in Anzen na Venus

Shouta Aoi

Shouta Aoi is back on the small screen as the leading actor for a Kiken na Venus’ spin-off series.

Talented solo artist and seiyuu, Shouta Aoi, is going to star on the TV drama Anzen na Venus, a spin-off of Kiken na Venus, TV series based on a novel by Keigo Higashino and currently airing in Japan via TBS and PARAVI.

Anzen na Venus will focus on a bar named VENUS – that is not included in the novel nor in Kiken na Venus – and its owner and bartender Shelly, played by Shouta Aoi.

Shelly has a beautiful appearance and a soft demeanor, offering delicious cocktails that will ease the hearts of troubled visitors. On an interview, Shouta Aoi mentioned “(…) Since this is a role that is close to the hearts of customers that visit the bar, I wanted express a comfortable vibe that only exists in that bar.

It is mentioned that characters from the original TV drama will make appearances in this spin-off.

Anzen na Venus will start airing on 25/10/2020.

A promotional photo is out.

For more information on this series, please refer to TBS’ official website (link below).