Shouta Aoi releases part of his repertoire on Spotify

Shouta Aoi BAD END promo

Big news for fans of Shouta Aoi! A major part of his repertoire – 50 of his songs – are now available on Spotify.

The time has come for Shouta Aoi to make his repertoire available on Spotify for overseas fans.

As of time of writing this article, 50 songs released from 2016 up until 2020 are now available to listen for free on Spotify.

Below is a list of the albums and or singles listed on his official Spotify page as well as our reviews.

Shouta Aoi‘s artist page on Spotify can be found HERE. For those of you that have Apple Music, the whole repertoire including music videos is available!

For listeners in Japan, Aoi’s complete repertoire – a total of 79 songs – is available. It includes Virginal, Blue Bird and more.

Remember to directly support your favorite male seiyuu. Stream on Spotify instead of supporting piracy.


Last updated on 30/04/2020