Shouta Aoi “Himitsu no Kuchidzuke” (Review)


Shouta Aoi‘s back with a new single and brand new look for his third single Himitsu no Kuchidzuke. Shouta tries to show more of his music as we reach the end of the year. Is Himitsu no Kuchidzuke the perfect finish for his year in the music business?


Single: Himitsu no Kuchidzuke
Label: Broccoli / King Records
Release date: 03/12/2014
Genre: J-pop


1 - 秘密のクチヅケ
2 - glitter wish
3 - 秘密のクチヅケ *off vocal
4 - glitter wish *off vocal

Track by track analysis:

1 – 秘密のクチヅケ
Kicking off with a lovely piano, Himitsu no Kuchizduke is a track that’ll immediately grab your attention with it’s impressive instrumental consisting of the main engine – the piano – plus a highly noticeable bass, electric guitars, unstoppable drums – a mix of instruments that will make you want to dance from the very first second. But attention! It’s not a dance track. It’s just a highly addictive track that shows a different side to Shouta‘s music, a more pop-rock edge that was missing in the previous releases. The vocal performance is of top tier class. The range that Shouta has developed and improved in these past few years still impresses after all these years. 4.5/5


2 – glitter wish
Written by Shouta Aoi, glitter wish is the main theme song for anime series “Kono Danshi, Sekika ni Nayandemasu” and shows us a trademark ballad that will impress. This is already known territory for him, the place where his vocals most impressed a lot of initially “strangers” to Shouta‘s music in the very early stages of his music career. His flawless high notes make shivers run down your spine, the quality of both the lyrics and the instrumental in this track also managed to impress us when both go head to head to deliver the best final product we could get for this ballad. 4.5/5

Final rating: 4.5 stars

It has been a while since Shouta has released a single as solid as this one. This single shows an incredible growth in Shouta‘s music – he’s not always your pretty boy singing dance pop songs, he’s also a well trained singer with an incredible amount of talent that fits so well with the pop-rock genre – that can be heard in the title track – and the ballads are something to die for in every single release that Shouta has made so far – even in his SHOWTA. days. This talent for singing, dancing and even playing the piano, alongside to finally penning one of the lyrics, really shows that Shouta is trying to show different sides to his music, he’s developing his music identity and that is something that we can once anticipate in the next releases. If the next release can top this one, we’ll be certainly in for a joyous ride. The perfect closing single for Shouta’s 2015.

Himitsu no Kuchizuke” is for purchase on CDJAPAN for all overseas fans.


Vanessa Silva
Vanessa Silva
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