Shinichiro Miki and Shouta Aoi to hold a live reading play this month

Shinichiro Miki and Shouta Aoi team up for a special reading play this month.

素晴らしき哉!人生! (Subarashiki Kana! Jinsei!)is going to be held on 25/10/2020 at 15h (1st session) and 19h30 (2nd session) JST.

Veteran seiyuu Shinichiro Miki and popular seiyuu and solo artist Shouta Aoi are going to be in charge of the reading for this event.

A commentary video is out.

A promotional video is out.

Tickets can be purchased at eplus – the live stream is going to be made via their Streaming+ (Japanese streaming platform).

For more details on this reading play, please refer to the official website (link below).