Shingaki Tarusuke and Makoto Furukawa join cast of “Futari Shibai”

Shingaki Tarusuke and Makoto Furukawa to go on stage for a unique two-man recitation play.

“Like an endless sky
I thought it would go on.
Looking back, you are not here.
That voice can not be reached.”

Shingaki Tarusuke and Makoto Furukawa joined the cast of the live recitation play ふたり芝居 (Futari Shibai). This recitation play is split into 2 stories, one titled “Opening performance” and the other “Black or White – Kokuhaku-“.

The play is opens on 17/02/2019 at Zamuza Asagaya in Tokyo. The performance is 1 hour and a half long. Two sessions are planned – day and evening.

Shingaki Tarusuke is credited as director for this recitation play.

Please refer to the official website (link below) for more information on this recitation play.

SOURCE: Futari Shibai official website