Shimono Hiro no Omotenashimo! 10 to be released on DVD

Hiro Shimono official profile

The newest installment of Hiro Shimono‘s variety show, Shimono Hiro no Omotenashimo!,  hits stores this summer.

Hiro Shimono is the host of the cosy variety show, 下野紘のおもてなシーモ! (Shimono Hiro no Omotenashimo!). For this show, Shimono receives fellow seiyuu as his guests has a good, laidback time with them either hanging out, cooking or doing any type of challenges.

Shimono Hiro no Omotenashimo! 10 is going to be released on DVD on 26/06/2020. Fellow seiyuu and STARISH member, Kousuke Toriumi, is the guest of honor.

A couple of promotional videos are out.

The DVD comes with the main footage as well as bonus footage.

Shimono Hiro no Omotenashimo! 10 is available for pre-order at CDJAPAN.

Shimono Hiro no Omotena Shimo! / Hrio Shimono, Kosuke Toriumi
Hrio Shimono, Kosuke Toriumi

SOURCE: Animate Japan