Seki Tomokazu and Konishi Katsuyuki to make debut as a unit in April

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Great news for Seki Tomokazu and Konishi Katsuyuki’s fans! The two multitalented veteran voice actors are debuting as a seiyuu unit this March. The duo is going to release a mini-album titled 『せきとこにし』(Seki to Konishi) on 16/04/2014.

Seki Tomokazu (41) and Konishi Katsuyuki (40) have a long experience when it comes to seiyuu units/acts on their belts: Seki Tomokazu was a member of several units throughout the years, with Takehito Koyasu, Yuuki Hiro and Miki Shinichiro was part of seiyuu unit “Weiß”, solo wise he released 2 albums and 2 singles along with a handful of other releases.

On the other hand, Konishi Katsuyuki has had a less livelier music experience with several character song releases (an incredible amount) but no seiyuu units experience so far. Yet Katsuyuki still comes out as one of the best singers in the seiyuu business.

Getting back to the information revealed so far. The tracklist and the promotional photo of the unit were revealed but no information regarding the cover art or the editions (so far it seems that it’ll be only available the regular edition) has been revealed so far.

The tracklist is the following:

1.永遠にともに feat.Katsuyuki Konishi
2.Best Friend~旅立ちの日に~

As soon as more information is revealed we’ll provide it here. CDJAPAN links will also be updated as soon as available.


Vanessa Silva
Vanessa Silva
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