Seiyuu to Yo Asobi announces new MCs for 5th season

AbemaTV’s Seiyuu to Yo Asobi shakes things up for its 5th season. Get to know the new feature added to the show and new hosts for this season.

The popular seiyuu variety talk show Seiyuu to yo Asobi is renewed for a 5th season.

The show now airs from Monday to Saturday counting with the daily Seiyuu to yo Asobi コネクト (Connect) hosted by Tomoko Kaneda & Kaito Ishikawa, as well as the new feature Walkers (ウォーカーズ) co-hosted by Hiro Shimono and Maaya Uchida.

The hosts for each day of the week are the following:

  • Monday: Hiroki Yasumoto & Nobuhiko Okamoto (replacing Tomoaki Maeno)
  • Tuesday: Chiaki Takahashi (replacing Mikako Komatsu and Sora Tokui) & Sumire Uesaka
  • Wednesday: Showtaro Morikubo & Shouta Aoi
  • Thursday: Daisuke Namikawa & Yoshimasa Hosoya (replacing Kaito Ishikawa)
  • Friday: Tomokazu Seki & Shugo Nakamura (replacing Tasuku Hatanaka)
  • Connect (every day before each main episode): Tomoko Kaneda & Kaito Ishikawa (replacing Subaru Kimura)
  • Walkers (1-hour pre-show to the WEEKEND episode): Hiro Shimono & Maaya Uchida
  • WEEKEND: MC shuffle

The show returns on 11/04/2022 and each episode has a duration of 90 minutes.

What is Seiyuu to yo Asobi?

Seiyuu to yo Asobi is a variety show created and distributed by AbemaTV. It airs on weekdays with pairs of seiyuu assigned to each day, each pair of co-hosts following their own unique themes and formats.

This is primarily a talk show that may or may not include special guests. There are challenges and funny corners as well as quiet sections with seiyuu just hanging out in a pretty laidback way.

Up until Seiyuu to yo Asobi’s 2nd season, the pairs consisted only of male seiyuu.

For Seiyuu to Yo Asobi’s 2nd season, Maaya Uchida and Tomoko Kaneda were the first female seiyuu to join the show, creating the first-ever mixed co-host pairs (Maaya Uchida and Hiro Shimono /  Tomoko Kaneda and Subaru Kimura) to great results.

For Seiyuu to Yo Asobi’s 3rd season, Abema TV shuffled things around and introduced the first-ever all-female co-hosting duo comprised of Mikako Komatsu and Sumire Uesaka.

In the 4th season, the TV show introduced its 1st co-hosting trio.

SOURCE: AbemaTV official Twitter account

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