Seiyuu Grandprix unveils covers for Yuichiro Umehara 2020 Calendar

Seiyuu Grandprix unveiled details on Yuichiro Umehara‘s 2020 calendar.

Yuichiro Umehara is going to release his first calendar in collaboration with Seiyuu Grandprix.

Umehara Yuichiro 2020 Calendar 梅暦 IF (Umehara Yuichiro 2020 Calendar Umegoyomi)  is scheduled to be released on 18/10/2019, available in I route (desktop) and F route (wall mounted) editions.

The cover art is the following for each edition:

I route
F route

Previews are out.

Previews of the bonuses included with the photobook are the following per store:

Animate (Post card)
St-infos (Post card)
Toranoana (Post card)

Two types are planned to be released: a desktop type and a wall-mounted type. Each type of calendar will have different photos.

Umehara Yuichiro 2020 Calendar Umegoyomi is currently unavailable for pre-order at CDJAPAN.

Source: Seigura