Seiyuu Grandprix give sneak peek of Kentaro Kumagai & Tetsuei Sumiya and Daisuke Ono’s features

Seiyuu Grandprix gave a sneak peek into of Kentaro Kumagai & Tetsuei SumiyaDaisuke Ono and Shugo Nakamura & Hiroshi Watanabe & Tomohito Takatsuka‘s features.

This issue counts with interviews with Yuma Uchida (about his 2nd single “Before Dawn”), Daisuke Ono (live report and interview about his Live tour “DREAM Journey“), Koji Yusa (about his 50th anniversary CD “io“), Hiro Shimono, Shugo Nakamura & Hiroshi Watanabe & Tomohito Takatsuka (about the variety DVD, “Seiyuu Bowling“), Daisuke Ono + Hiro Shimono (about their variety show “Ono Shimono no doco demo Quest”), Tetsuei Sumiya and Kentaro Kumagai.

These are the previews released so far:

Kentaro Kumagai & Tetsuei Sumiya
Seiyuu Bowling feature (Shugo Nakamura & Hiroshi Watanabe & Tomohito Takatsuka)
Daisuke Ono tour report
Yuma Uchida “Before Dawn” feature

As per usual, this issue will count with the serialization corners of DearDreamDaisuke OnoTomoaki Maeno and Yuma Uchida.

Seiyuu Grandprix’s October 2018 was released today. This issue is available for purchase at CDJAPAN.

Source: Seigura official twitter account

Last update on 14/09/2018