Seiyuu Digest #9 – Ryohei Kimura

Seiyuu Digest #9 - Ryohei Kimura

Ryohei Kimura is one of those seiyuu that does not need an introduction taking into account how many years he’s been in the seiyuu industry, how respected he is and how, time after time, he manages to impress everyone with his performances.

Ryohei Kimura

Ryohei Kimura

KANJI: 木村良平

BORN: July 30, 1984

OCCUPATION: seiyuu, stage actor, singer

HEIGHT: 170cm

A note, this article was written in 2015 and currently undergoing a deep update.

Some information below may be dated or not updated.


Kimura is a multi-talented seiyuu that already has lots of experience “under his belt” given the though that he’s been working as a seiyuu since he was 12 years old, so he’s been in the industry long enough to be considered one of the top ones.

Being a child seiyuu has also allowed him to get to know other famous seiyuu like Mamoru Miyano and Miyu Irino that work(ed) in the same company.

Kimura is a child actor that debuted at the early age of 10 and since then, little by little, he’s been steadily building his career in every department in the entertainment business.

Having his first role in 1996 in the anime Taihoshichauzo (You’re Under Arrest) as Shungi, a supporting role but nonetheless a good start for him.

It was only in 2007 that Kimura had his first leading role in the sports anime Big Windup! as Shintarou Nishihiro, focusing the attention in himself.

Hisayoshi Suganuma, Kazuhiko Inoue, Hiroshi Kamiya, Ryohei Kimura and Kazuma Horie.
Hisayoshi Sugunama, Kazuhiko Inoue, Hiroshi Kamiya, Ryohei Kimura and Kazuma Horie.

 Since then he started to get more and more roles in anime, and also got the chance to work alongside with legends in the business such as Kazuhiko Inoue in Natsume Yuujinchou as Satoru Nishimaru, in this anime he also had the opportunity to work with the talented and famous seiyuu Hiroshi Kamiya, Hisayoshi Suganuma and also with an amazing seiyuu, that unfortunately doesn’t get the recognition that he deserves, Kazuma Horie. 

In 2009 Kimura was  playing the character Takizawa Akira in the anime Eden of the East. We can say that 2012 was the golden year for him, not only he was in the anime Kuroko no Basket as Ryota Kise, one of his most popular characters.


As if was not enough, he also won the award of Best Supporting Role in 2012, with his character L-Elf in Kakumeiki Valvrave. Another important role was, in the same year, in Magi The Lambyrith of Magic as Judal, the series antagonist that has also turned into one of the most famous character done by the seiyuu.

I mean we can pretty much say for sure that these three characters are the most known ones to everyone. 2013 was also a year that brought to the fans more of his roles in RDG (Red Data Girl) as Sota Masumi or the second season of Valvrave as, once again, L-Elf, or be it for Silver Spoon as Yugo Hachiken or lastly as Ato Touji in Tokyo Ravens.

We can really notice that after he won that award, he became even more active in the seiyuu business, making appearances in almost every anime that were worth mentioning with characters also worth mentioning.

Kamui Kirito
Kamui Kirito

Last and this year, were also good for Kimura. He was in two of the “big” and famous anime, Psycho-pass, both the extended edition of the 1st season as Kozuki Ryogo, in the 2nd season as the antagonist Kamui Kirito and in Kuroshitsuji Book of Circus as Charles Gray.

Momo Tachie
Momo Tachie

This year Kimura is still playing Ryota Kise in the 3rd season of Kuroko no Basket and is also scheduled to be in the second season of the famous game series, Diabolik Lovers more, blood in which Kimura plays Mukami Kou (like he does in the games).

As if being in anime was not enough for him to showcase his skills, Kimura has participated in the Narnia series Japanese dub as Peter Pevensie.


 Regarding any theater related work, it is true that Kimura is in the same agency as Miyu Irino, Mamoru Miyano and Uchiyama Kouki, but there aren’t any credits with his name.

The picture completely changes when we talk about Kimura and games, the thing is, he’s in many of them. His first game was in 2005 titled NANA and his character was Shinichi Okazuki.

In the otome games department he had to wait a little more to get a main role, it was only in 2012 with Under the Night in-birth as Hyde, that he saw that dream come true.

A year later he was part of the luxurious main cast, with many famous names, like Midorikawa Hikaru, Toriumi Kousuke, Kondo Takashi of the currently famous series second game, Diabolik Lovers more, blood  as Mukami Kou. Last year he was also in the famous game series Dynamic Chord feat. [rêve parfait] as Tsumugi Momose.

All in all we can really see that he’s giving his all into each and every role he plays, because we won’t get disappointed with him, and actually another thing that we cannot forget to mention is that since he won the award of Best Supporting Role, we can really notice that he’s been in more anime whether be it as the antagonist or as another main character, which is good for him and for us fans that get to listen to him more.

I mean we’re talking about Ryohei Kimura, the child actor that is considered the senpai of most of the legends in the seiyuu industry because of his long career despite his age.

If that wasn’t enough, he’s got the skills to back him up and making worth of all the fame he has, showing us that the time he’s been in the business wasn’t simply to playing around, but instead gaining experience with all sorts of seiyuu he’s been lucky to work with until now, making him the Kimura that we know today, a seiyuu that never lets us down and just keeps getting better and better with time.


As if it was not enough been a successful seiyuu with lots of work, he still has time to host radio shows, and I am going to be honest with you, this is something a little unexpected coming from him, given the though of how occupied he is with other schedules.

Seishun wa itsumo sakamichi hasshin

Seishun wa itsumo sakamichi hasshin is a radio show that’s been airing since 2012 and isn’t showing any signs of ending any time soon.

This radio show was hosted by two seiyuu, Ryohei Kimura and Yoshimasa Hosoya, the main characters in the anime Seishun no Apollon that was the reason of creation of this show.

Takuya Eguchi, Ryohei Kimura and Yonaga Tsubasa Kira Kira☆Beat

Back in 2011, Eguchi’s first big radio show, and one in which he was a host, was none other than Kira Kira Beat, a radio show that brings laughter to its listeners and even to the hosts Eguchi, Ryohei and Yonaga for the three have a natural chemistry that makes their show all the more interesting and relevant.

Trignal no Kira Kira☆Beat R

In 2012, the show changed its name as TRIGNAL were formed and therefore and up until now its new name is Trignal no Kira Kira Beat R. In one of the episodes, Ryohei gave nicknames to the other members, all because

This is the radio show in which Kimura goes wild with his roasting of group mates Takuya Eguchi and Tsubasa Yonaga.

Some of the best moments in this radio show include Kimura making fun of Eguchi’s quirk of saying “Eguchi tekini” (expression akin to “In my opinion”), with Ryohei calling him “Straw” (due to his height, 1,87cm) and that, from that point on, he’d have to say “Straw tekini” (“as a straw I think…”) something that rendered everyone to tears. Or even calling Yonaga “Cocktail-kun” and calling himself “boss”.

From commenting on the daily affairs and adventures all members go through to making fun of Eguchi’s ambition to have a six-pack by only exercising once per month, Kimura is always one step ahead for any clever puns and quips that will render listeners and fellow group mates to tears.


Kimura‘s first steps in the music industry came by way of a seiyuu unit.

He debuted as part of TRIGNAL in 2012, joining fellow seiyuu Takuya Eguchi and Tsubasa Yonaga.

Back when the unit had just debuted one could not really say their performance was comfortable and that they lacked experience both at singing as a unit but as individuals.

With that being said it took them a while to achieve that landmark. “so funny” was the first evidence we got that TRIGNAL had finally begun to show their hard work towards the quality that they exude now, be it in CD or live performance context.

TRIGNAL showed a lot of improvement in that CD, with Kimura experimenting with lyrics writing and the end result was? “Naughty“, one of the group’s best songs to date.

Although the seiyuu has mentioned that he enjoys listening to upbeat pop songs it was quite surprising to see him take on a more rock track, in fact, that was the first time TRIGNAL featured a rock song in their repertoire.

In fact, that album was a turning point for all the members, as aforementioned, it was the first time they began to noticeably improve their skills.

If there is a song that is iconic is “mission” with Kimura started to impress with his improved singing skills. His raspy, mellow mid-tones were in the spotlight and fans were in love.

Nobuhiko Okamoto x TRIGNAL

Back in 2017, TRIGNAL and Okamoto collaborated in “光を/TIC TAC ANNIVERSARY” and with the release, they adopted the name of “Nobunagal” as a sign of the conjoint release.

This stellar collaboration was far from being disappointing, on the contrary, not only did everyone get mesmerized with the outcome but also surprised by the pleasant aftermath.

Such was the popularity of this sub-unit, so to say, that they had a joint tour and released a DVD from their live performance, “Kiramune Presents Okamoto Nobuhiko ×Trignal JOINT LIVE 2017 “Nobunagal”.


For the fans, Kiramune’s announcement regarding TRIGNAL‘s live performance at the end of 2018 was beyond the expectation of many, but surely enough the fact that the unit got to have a broadcast of MTV LIVE: Trignal 5th Anniversary Live “SMILE PARTY” – a digest of the performances of the two days – was a moment to rejoice as there are few units and/or seiyuu that sing that have been featured on MTV Live.

So far, TRIGNAL has released Party, Summer Magic, so funny, One step forward, Plus, Update A Day光を/Tic Tac Anniversary, Back to Basic, tricolore, and Message from LIVE!!.

With this we end this Seiyuu Digest, I hope you like it and really look forward to next month’s edition.