Seiyuu Digest #7 – Yuki Fujiwara

Seiyuu Digest #7 - Yuki Fujiwara

This month’s target is Yuki Fujiwara, a Jack-of-all-trades type of actor that, despite having some popular characters under his belt, has never been that popular and recognized.

Yuki Fujiwara Amuletto profile

Yuki Fujiwara

KANJI: 藤原祐規

BORN: April 24, 1981

OCCUPATION: seiyuu, stage actor, singer

HEIGHT: 176cm

Fujiwara is a seiyuu that doesn’t have that many roles, even so in those few there certainly are some that are worth mentioning.

The same cannot be told when we talk about him as the stage actor because he has a repertoire much bigger than what we would’ve imagine and each of his role is done perfected to the maximum insuring that every performance is the best when delivered to the fans.

He’s definitely one of those cases when it is a shame that this seiyuu does not have more “presence” in the seiyuu industry.

Fujiwara‘s in many well-known and famous stage plays, like PERSONA3 the Weird Masquerade ~青の覚醒~, not also was he a part of one stand-up show with Takagi Shun and Mamoru as Smily Spiky, but he’s also worked on The Prince of Tennis Musical with Mamo-chan. 

Regarding the music department, Fujiwara has little work but we’ll dig out the little he has, so don’t worry about that. Without any further ado let’s get this SEIYUU DIGEST started.


Yuki FujiwaraFujiwara, whose original dream was to be a plane pilot but due to his poor eyesight, he had to pursue his second dream, being a seiyuu.

He debuted at the early age of 21 and in that same year he already had a minor role, with little importance, in the anime titled Whistle! as Mukaiyama Tomoyuki, it was only in 2006 that he would hit the jackpot with his role in Katekyo Hitman Reborn! as Belphegor.

Even though this role was supposed to be a secondary one it had lots of importance and it was this role that made it possible to turn the attention to the seiyuu behind the voice of Belphegor, which was good because it made people realize that the, until the date, unknown seiyuu Yuki Fujiwara has talent and knows how to do his job well.

He’s the type of seiyuu that certainly has the skills and the talent to be on the same page as some top tier seiyuu, but unfortunately he isn’t in that many anime, a shame for him that could gain more experience and also for those of you that really like him, to see him “in action” in more anime instead of his occasional appearance.

In 2012 he had yet another big opportunity to shine, working side by side with famous names like Takahiro Sakurai, Jun Fukuyama, Hiroshi Kamiya and also with Mamoru Miyano, in the anime Shirokuma Cafe as the Anteater and Fusao Yamaarashi, both were supporting roles but once again had its importance in the story.

Ashiya Mutsiku

Last year Fujiwara had a role in the famous anime Donten ni Warau as Ashiya Mutsiku, as usual (for him) this character was a supporting role that proved very useful in the development of the story and although it didn’t have that much highlight, he made sure to make sure that those few lines he had were well done, causing impact and once again making those of you who didn’t know him wonder who was the seiyuu voicing this character.

In the same year he also had a minor role in the anime with much hype behind it Tokyo Ghoul as Older-Brother Bin this time his role wasn’t that important. Fujiwara is a diamond in the rough to be “found” and polished with a little more experience in the business and more opportunities to gain it, sadly enough he has yet to have a lead role in an anime, and even though his characters are usually important, despite them being mostly supporting roles, it still is something that the fans have yet to see, hoping for it to happen in a near future.

As it was mentioned last month in the SEIYUU DIGEST #6, Fujiwara’s working for Amuleto as both a seiyuu but also as a stage actor. In this agency his senpai are famous names such as Tsuda Kenjiro, with whom he’s  already worked with him multiple times as well as with Genki Okawa.

Of course, if we really want to see more of Fujiwara we can always search elsewhere, but fear not, you just have to keep reading because we’ll share it in this SEIYUU DIGEST edition.

Stage actor career

Well, he must be one of the few seiyuu that debuted as a seiyuu and stage actor at the same time, as both a seiyuu and as a stage actor. Right after that, Fujiwara quickly joined the theater troupe Arutaego, where he stayed until later on in his on-going career.Fujiwara+Yuuki

One thing we must be prepared for, when searching, is the size of the list of his roles in stage plays, and what’s amazing isn’t only the size of it, but the fact that he really gives he’s all in every role he’s entrusted with and really delivers the audience the best performance.

What is very impressive is that precisely on the same year he debuted he started to gain momentum and only one year later he managed to get yet another role in the play 「アイスクリームマン」( Ice cream Man), so since his debut he has been working every year on a different play, so we can conclude that he’s a well sought.

In 2004 he had a role in the play of テニスの王子様 ( The Prince of Tennis) as Akira Kamio, this role enabled him to work in this play three years.  In 2006 he was working once again with Mamoru and Takagi Shun in SMILY ☆ SPIKY as Takeru Iwasaki.

Needless to say that since his debut, all his work just gave him more than experience, especially because of all the different genres of the plays, which make him an experienced all-rounder stage actor.

Yuki Fujiwara in Persona 3
Yuki Fujiwara in Persona 3 stage play

Throughout the years Fujiwara has been able to work side by side with Tsuda Kenjiro, Hidekazu Ichinose (both of them already worked with him in Katekyo Hitman Reborn!) , Kensho Ono and others in different plays. In 2012 he was in 夜のミラクル☆トレイン〜大江戸線へようこそ〜Sweet Dream Express, an adaptation of the anime Miracle Train.

2014 was definitely a year to remember for the fans of  the anime PERSONA 3 because it was adapted for a stage play and Fujiwara was Akihiko Sanada and since this play he’s been in all plays of this series as well as in the newest one from PERSONA 4.

Yuki Fujiwara

In the same year he was in ハンサム落語 (Handsome Storyteller) as Shibugeki, and also in the play titled バカフキ! (Bakafuki!) as ラゴ(Lago), for the first time as the main character, having waited 13 years for it. Fujiwara’s most recent work is as Akihiko Sanada in PERSONA 4’s play ペルソナ4 ジ・アルティメット イン マヨナカアリーナ.


Many of you may not know but Fujiwara is surprisingly an all-rounder. Despite being super busy with his stage acting career as well as his seiyuu career, he still has time to host radio shows, talk about being committed and devoted to the fans.

fujiwara yuki, kenjiro tsuda radio 2012

Fellow stage actor and seiyuu Tsuda Kenjiro is probably the person who he’s most when we speak about radio shows. Fujiwara was even a guest in Tsuda’s show Tsudaken Roadshow Hateru made Radio that was airing since 2011 until last year. With this show they even manged to release a Radio CD.

Yuki Fujiwara and Ida Toshinobu

Despite working with Tsuda on this show he’s also worked with other people, such as Ida Toshinobu. Currently he’s also hosting an otome radio show called かりんラジオ along side with Koichi Yokota.


Many may not know but Fujiwara actually made his first steps in the music industry a few years ago, unfortunately it wasn’t as a solo artist but as a band/unit.32669_3

His first try in the industry was in 2011 as TH IA, a seiyuu unit consisting of Toyonaga Toshiyuki, Ida Toshinobu, Acaba Mio and Fujiwara himself, most of the members he had already work with previously in the anime Katekyo Hitman Reborn!, so we can say that they weren’t particularly strangers.

Now you may be wondering why didn’t this unit continue, the answer is clear, it was only created because of the radio show these four seiyuu hosted titled 素顔の少年(Sugao no Shounen), still it lasted almost a year.

They released two singles Bokura no Hikari and Arigato / Hoshikuzu Elegy. Truth be told the songs were good but not “over the moon”, but still they were catchy.

While this project failed he had yet another opportunity to be in the industry, this time with a rock band called 4STRIKE that unfortunately only had a mini-album.

This time Fujiwara didn’t just sing but he also played the bass showing a new and skillful facet that until the time wasn’t known. This band consisted on Masataka Nakagauchi, Hisanori Sato, Yuya Miyashita and Fujiwara.

This band was created because of the original stage play that gave this band its tittle. Although Fujiwara did sang the focus wasn’t all on him, but still there are parts of each song the we can really notice him sing, especially on Go way!. It was also a shame that this project didn’t work out as well, because they sure had some pretty good tracks.

Even though Fujiwara had other projects in this department these were definitely the ones with more importance. One thing that the fans would want to see is a solo project from Fujiwara but that wish is yet to be fulfilled. For those of you that really would like to see him sing more it really is a shame that he doesn’t bet more in it but as I’ve said before we can always listen to the little he’s done.

With this we reach the rend of this month’s SEIYUU DIGEST. Hope that you liked it and be on the look out for next month’s.


  1. i do like this multitalented guy! his performance on stage is so natural, you forgot to mention SAIYUKI musicals where he was one of 4 leads. i wish he would release some songs coz i like his voice a lot!!

    • Thanks for the comment. I completely agree with you, his on-stage performance is really good, each and every time, and it’s a shame that he hasn’t released any solo songs, other than anime character songs, but it’s something that we’ll have to wait to see. By the way, thanks for mentioning SAIYUKI musicals. Once again thank you very much the comment.

  2. This is old but I wanted to leave a comment here.

    This dude’s talent is incredible. I remember watching some stages called Magdara na Maria and I loved it, his role is simple but funny and Tsuda Kenjiro works there too as Grace, a cabaret woman