Seiyuu Digest #69 – Shinichiro Kamio

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Seiyuu Digest 69 Shinichiro Kamio

Despite a late debut in the seiyuu industry, Shinichiro Kamio has managed to impress with his range and variety skills.

Shinichiro Kamio 2019

Shinichiro Kamio

KANJI: 神尾晋一郎

BORN: January 13, 1982

OCCUPATION: seiyuu, actor, magician, DJ, radio personality

HEIGHT: 176cm

Shinichiro Kamio was born on January 13, 1982 in Hokkaido, Japan.


Kamio’s journey in the seiyuu industry is an interesting one. He didn’t go to seiyuu acting school when he graduated high school, instead, he went to Boston (USA), to attend college.

When he returned to Japan, he started working in sales for a company. While working for the company, Kamio came to the realization that rather than selling products, he could be the product, a voice actor.

He felt like that was more in line with his ideals and thus, he enrolled in Amusement Media Gakuin in 2011, where he took voice acting classes. He joined 81 Produce in 2012, one of the most renowned seiyuu talent agencies in the country that, up to this date, still represents him.

What awaited him was a lot of hardwork, proving his worth, and slowly making the way to being recognized for his talent.

2013 –

Making a name for himself

Shinichiro Kamio has a long career however, it isn’t as eventful as most seiyuu with almost a decade in the industry. He made his debut in 2013, a year after joining 81 Produce and when he was already 31 years old.

His first roles in anime were in Chousoku Henkei Gyrozetter and Shima Kousaku no Asia Risshi-den.

A year later he voiced a minor character in the action and adventure anime series, Blade & Soul.

But then… silence. For 3 whole years in the anime industry.

This was sudden and for someone still trying to make a break in the industry – and gain more practical experience -, a hiatus would usually mean risking his chances at being successful and noticed, especially when age plays a handicap in this industry.

During this hiatus, Shinichiro Kamio focused on narration, acting, and radio work.

In 2017, Kamio made his return to the industry, ready to make a name for himself. His comeback roles were on Beyblade Burst God and Vatican Kiseki Chousakan. Unfortunately, both of his roles were minor.

A year later, things started to change for Kamio.

After joining the Hypnosis Mic franchise in 2017, he was starting to be in the spotlight for his deep voice tone and charm and that led to more opportunities opening in front of him.

Although he did not get any supporting or leading roles in 2018, Kamio racked up quite a few roles that provided him with experience, put his name on the map, and made an impression with anime producers and sound engineers – both able to open further doors for him in the future.

Kamio got the chance to voice minor characters in high-profile anime such as POP TEAM EPIC and Gintama. Other minor roles during this period were in Dame x Prince Anime Caravan, Future Card Shin Buddyfight, Major 2nd, Sylvanian Families: Mini Story 2nd Season, and Sora to Umi no Aida.

2019 kept the same trend, with a stream of minor roles coming his way. But, at the same time, Kamio got his first-ever supporting role in anime.

Kuro Kiryu

He reprised his role as Kuro Kiryu in the anime adaptation of the popular idol franchise, Ensemble Stars!.

The anime was highly anticipated by fans of the franchise and, seeing as the story in the anime follows closely the one in the game, it was a delight for many fans of Kiryu to finally see animated his interactions with his Akatsuki group members and other groups’ members.

Kamio’s performance improved upon what we got from the game – recorded years back -, sounding more polished and sharper which worked pretty well to flesh out Kiryu.

Unfortunately, due to the over 50-member cast, it was impossible to have the spotlight on Kiryu yet, at all times the character was present, Kamio’s performance was captivating.

In the same year, Kamio got roles in anime such as:

  • Doukyonin wa Hiza,
  • Tokidoki,
  • Atama no Ue.,
  • Gunjou no Magmell,
  • Bakugan: Battle Planet,
  • Meshinuma.,
  • Uchi no Ko no Tame naraba,
  • Ore wa Moshikashitara Maou mo Taoseru kamo Shirenai.,
  • Cardfight!! Vanguard,
  • Kedama no Gonjirou,
  • Africa no Salaryman.

2020 kicked off in a rather quiet way that was quickly turned upside down due to the Coronavirus pandemic that led to the closing of Japan and quarantine that led to many seiyuu struggling to make ends meet.

Kamio turned to live streaming on to continue to showcase his skills and engage with his fans. Still in 2020, he’s got minor roles in Drifting Dragons and Zoids Wild Zero.

Rio Mason Busujima

Hypnosis Mic got its anime adaptation in 2020.

Hypnosis Mic: Division Rap Battle – Rhyme Anima premiered in the Fall 2020 season, with Kamio reprising his role as MAD TRIGGER CREW‘s Rio Mason Busujima.


In 2019, at the 13th Seiyuu Awards, Shinichiro Kamio and the main cast of Hypnosis Mic – members of Buster Bros!!!, MAD TRIGGER CREW, Fling Posse and Matenro – received the Singing Award.

Shinichiro Kamio did not attend the ceremony, instead, Subaru Kimura, Show Hayami, Kouhei Amasaki, Yukihiro Nozuyama, Ryuichi Kijima, and Haruki Ishiya represented the franchise.


Kasuya Yuta and Kamio Shinchiro’s Love Bouquet

Radio hasn’t been Kamio’s focus as a voice actor. Even though, he has managed to showcase his acting and variety skills in different ways through radio.

His only radio show credit comes from &CAST!!!. Alongside fellow male seiyuu, Yuta Kasuya, Kamio co-hosted Kasuya Yuta and Kamio Shinchiro’s Love Bouquet.

The show ran from late 2019 up until March 2020.

Aside from this radio show, Kamio has participated in several radio dramas for NHK-FM, being a more frequent gig he took early in his career.


Kamio had his first steps in the games industry with a role in Ensemble Stars!, since then, he is slowly building up his repertoire, having roles in RPG, action, and otome games.

His low-toned voice comes in handy to voice a wide variety of characters: from rough ones to delinquents, older or mature men, and, in contrast, quiet, calm ones.

Versatility is, as you can tell, his asset, especially seeing as his tone of voice, without changing much, carries completely different emotions and quirks that make each character that he voices, unique.

Some of his most important roles include Kuro Kiryu in Ensemble Stars! and Rio Busujima in Hypnosis Mic – Alternative Rap Battle –.

Ensemble Stars! (2015 -)

In 2015 he joined the cast of Ensemble Stars!, an idol grooming game that quickly turned into one of the most popular games that involve 2D idols.

This was Kamio’s first-ever role in a game, one that would end up putting his name on the map for many fans of the franchise that were still not aware of him.

Ensemble Stars! is a story-driven game that easily shot to popularity with its solid story and rich music released outside of the game. 

Kamio voices Kuro Kiryu, member of Akatsuki, known for his intimidating aura and equally contrasting care for others. The character is featured in the franchise’s 2 games, Ensemble Stars!! MUSIC and Ensemble Stars!! BASIC.

Hypnosis Mic – Alternative Rap Battle – (2020)

Kamio reprised his role as MAD TRIGGER CREW‘s  Rio Mason Busujima in the smartphone game, Hypnosis Mic – Alternative Rap Battle –.

The game features a short introductory story for each crew, with Rio standing out for his sociable and nice personality, contrasting with his intimidating looks.

Other games in which Kamio has voiced characters include:

  • Op8♪
  • Heroes Park
  • Fate/Grand Order
  • Shacho, Battle no Jikan Desu!
  • Ikemen Vampire

between many more.

Acting / Live reading

Shinichiro Kamio is actually well versed in acting, being part of the acting troupe, Marufuku Bombers since 2011.

Shinichiro Kamio for Marufuku Bombers
Shinichiro Kamio for Marufuku Bombers

Over the years he has managed to participate in over 13 stage plays however, since 2016 he’s been less active as a theater actor.

At the same time, live reading is something in which 81 Produce and its talents usually invest a lot of time.

And just like most of 81 Produce’s talents, Shinichiro Kamio has also been doing some live reading work – with more consistency since 2018.

Soma Saito, Shinnichiro Kamio, Nazotoki wa Dinner no Ato de in 2017
Soma Saito, Shinnichiro Kamio, Nazotoki wa Dinner no Ato de in 2017

In 2017 he joined the cast of 謎解きはディナーのあとで (Nazotoki wa Dinner no Ato de), a detective story that counted with some of 81 Produce’s top male seiyuu talents on its lineup such as Soma SaitoWataru KomadaKoutaro NishiyamaShunsuke TakeuchiWataru KomadaArthur Lounsbery and Yuki Yonai.

Other reading plays he’s been cast in include: Les Miserables (2019) and Jekyll and Hyde (2019).

In 2021, Kamio joined the cast of the 2nd season of 声優が語る怖い話 (Seiyuu ga kataru kowai hanashi) or, in short, Seikowa 2.

This show revolves around scary ghost stories – written by professionals – told by seiyuu in an immersive experience for fans of the genre.

The rest of the cast included Nobuhiko Okamoto, Tatsuhisa Suzuki, Soma Saito, Kaito Ishikawa, and Gen Sato.

Narration / Dubbing

With a resounding voice as his, it comes as no surprise that Shinichiro Kamio has been doing narration and dubbing work since his debut as a voice actor in 2011.

Shinichiro Kamio narration for NHK
Kamio doing narration for NHK

He’s an experienced narrator, counting with plenty of voice-over credits in his repertoire.

He’s also active in Japanese dubs of foreign movies and TV series such as Coming Home, Drive Angry, INFINI, Counterpart, Appleseed Alpha, Thomas & Friends, Lego Friends, between many more.

Drama CDs

While Kamio made his debut as a seiyuu in 2013, he does not have many credits when it comes to drama CDs. He’s done more work in BL (boys love) than on Otome CDs and is known for using a lower, mature voice register in this field.

Some of his credits include: I HATE, Akiyama Kun, Koisuru Tetsumenpi, 30 byo, sono ato ni, Me wo Tojitemo Hikari wa Mieru yo, and Love Me Love My Dog.


Shinichiro Kamio is yet another example of a male seiyuu that never ventured to the music industry as a solo act.

However, he has been active in 2D music projects as well as his passion project, KATARI.

With a deep voice that can intimidate but also the subtle gentleness that makes him shine in falsetto sections, Shinichiro Kamio is more than well equipped to ace any music project thrown at him.

Kamio’s buzzworthy credits include Ensemble Stars!!’s Akatsuki and Hypnosis Mic’s MAD TRIGGER CREW.

KATARI (2021 -)


KATARI is a “musical literature” duo consisting of voice actor Shinichiro Kamio and composer Takehiro Mamiya (Yuyoyuppe aka DJ’TEKINA//SOMETHING).

Based in Tokyo, Japan, the duo combines Japanese “pure literature” with lo-fi, original music to create a powerful, unique new musical experience.

Kamio takes on the role of the narrative voice of each track—or the voice of the author himself or herself—and brings to life their words and worlds with his deep, clear voice, while Mamiya sets the tone for each narration with original musical creations that take listeners on an unforgettable journey.

KATARI features narrative tracks from famous Japanese literary figures such as Chuya Nakahara, Akiko Yosano, Kenji Miyazawa, and others. Their tracks have gained attention on social media sites as each new offering attracts draws in new fans to KATARI’s musical universe.

Fans of Japanese literature and ambient music/BGM are encouraged to follow KATARI on social media and to look forward to future announcements.

Akatsuki (2015 -)


Although fans of Ensemble Stars! already knew about Akatsuki since 2014, year in which the popular idol breeding smartphone game was released, it was only in 2015 that they got to experience their unique blend of traditional Japanese music and pop.

Akatsuki consists of Keito Hasumi (voiced by Yuichiro Umehara), Kuro Kiryu (voiced by Shinichiro Kamio) and Souma Kanzaki (voiced by Keisuke Kaminaga).

So far, the trio has released 3 singles and 1 full-length album:

Akatsuki performed live for the first time Ensemble Stars! Starry Stage 1st ~in Makuhari Messe ~ in 2018.

Then, in 2019, the trio performed live at Ensemble Stars! Starry Stage 2nd in Nippon Budokan.

In 2020, the trio released a special video to celebrate the franchise’s 5th anniversary.


Known for their incisive and intimidating rap style, MAD TRIGGER CREW quickly turned into a fan favorite crew within the Hypnosis Mic franchise.

With the cast including Shintaro Asanuma (as Samatoki), Shinichiro Kamio (as Rio), and Wataru Komada (as Jyuto), the crew quickly rose in the ranks, catching the attention of those fans of roughened up, dangerous and straightforward rap coming from the perspectives of the unexpected duo including a Yakuza member, a former military member, and a corrupt police officer.


The crew made their debut in 2017 with the release of the rough and gritty single, BAYSIDE M.T.C. MAD TRIGGER CREW were dressed in a funky, bassy dark sound, not sparing anyone with their fiery rhymes, raw performances with melancholic and menacing undertones.

After the release of the introductory singles for each crew, Hypnosis Mic kicked off their 1st Battle Season series.

MAD TRIGGER CREW faced Buster Bros!!! in the first round in Buster Bros!!! VS MAD TRIGGER CREW.

hypnosis battle season BB MTC

The mini-album was a huge success much thanks to the voting system for the whole Battle Season that only made it possible to vote if you purchased the CD in physical or digital format. Buster Bros!!! VS MAD TRIGGER CREW was certified Gold by RIAJ in 2018.

After beating Buster Bros!!!, MAD TRIGGER CREW battled against the winners of the Fling Posse vs Matenro battle, Matenro.


The battle was fierce, something that quickly translated into the massive sales numbers MAD TRIGGER CREW VS Matenro pulled. The album was certified Gold by RIAJ in 2018. MAD TRIGGER CREW ended up losing the battle for Matenro but deserved massive respect for the hard-fought battle.

In 2019, the crew released the hard-hitting Shinogi (Dead Pools), featured in the compilation album, Enter the Hypnosis Microphone.


The crew returned in 2020 with the release of MAD TRIGGER CREW Before The 2nd D.R.B, critically acclaimed album that brought the good vibes of Yokohama while giving us a collection of songs that explore bonds, loyalty, family, what being a true gangster really means in the eyes of this crew. It was a masterful release, easily the best the crew has released so far.

Kamio performed 2DIE4, song that intimidated with its dark, west side gangster vibe.

In a live setting, MAD TRIGGER CREW is not the most consistent of crews.

Hypnosis mic 4th live (2019)

While their rap is often on point, there are times in which the leader – Shintaro Asanuma – stumbles on his lyrics, misses tempo, and even makes the mood of an already moody song – for example, Shinogi (Dead Pools) – sound too boring and soulless.

But when the group is in their best form, they have power and poise that makes a massive impression.

Shinichiro Kamio has been the most consistent member in the crew, nailing tough as nails low toned sections like in Shinogi (Dead Pools) or 2DIE4 on a live setting and being the backbone to the group when it comes to harmonizations.

Alongside Wataru Komada, he helps to make up for changes in tempo – made by mistake by Asanuma – and connects well with his fellow members, creating a great group synergy in which everyone covers for each other.

So far the crew has performed live 5 times, although in different contexts.

The first franchise release on Blu-ray and DVD is Hypnosis mic- Division Rap Battle – 4th LIVE @ Osaka, massive live show held in 2019 that counted with Buster Bros!!!, MAD TRIGGER CREW, Fling Posse, Matenro, and the, then recently announced, Dotsuitare Honpo and Bad Ass Temple.

In 2020, and due to issues with Coronavirus (COVID-19), Hypnosis Mic’s ambitious MetLife Dome live, SIX SHOTS TO THE DOME was cancelled.

Instead, all crews performed on 29/03/2020 on a special broadcast by AbemaTV, Hypnosis mic- Division Rap Battle – 5th LIVE @ AbemaTV – SIX SHOTS UNTIL THE DOME that counted with millions of live views.

In April 2020, a new issue of the popular manga Hypnosis Mic -Division Rap Battle- side B.B & M.T.C vol.3. includes a new song, a duet with Jyuto Iruma (CV: Wataru Komada) titled Private Time.

In February 2021, the Hypnosis Mic held its 6th live “2nd D.R.B”, with the 3rd battle counting with Fling Posse vs MAD TRIGGER CREW.

Division All Stars (2017 – )

hypnosis mic division all stars

Division All Stars‘ original lineup consisted of Buster Bros!!!MAD TRIGGER CREW, Fling Posse and Matenro. In 2019, with the addition of Dotsuitare Honpo and Bad Ass Temple to the franchise, the group now houses all groups.

Their first release was Hypnosis Mic -Division Rap Battle- in 2017. This was the explosive start even before anyone knew how each crew would end up sounding.

The song was an instant hit and brought a massive following from overseas into the project.

In 2018, Division All Stars returned with the electrifying Hypnosis Mic Division Battle Anthem. The success it met was even more than on their debut song.

Now that the project was popular, it was a matter of a couple of days until it hit 1 million views.

In 2019, Hypnosis Mic released its first compilation album. Enter the Hypnosis Microphone featured all of Division All Stars‘ songs plus a new ensemble track, Hoodstar.

The release also included new songs for each group including the legendary The Dirty Dawg.

The song was quickly followed by Hypnosis Mic – Alternative Rap Battle-, song featured as the theme song for the smartphone game, Hypnosis Mic -Alternative Rap Battle-.

Still in the same year, Division All Stars returned with a new take on their debut song, Hypnosis Mic Division Battle Anthem.

After the franchise introduced 2 new units to the franchise, Dotsuitare Honpo, and Bad Ass Temple, the classic track got a revamp, thus Hypnosis Mic -Division Rap Battle-+ was released.

In 2020, Division All Stars made their comeback and once again revamping one of their hit songs. Hypnosis Mic -Division Battle Anthem- was revamped, adding Dotsuitare Honpo and Bad Ass Temple into the mix, creating Hypnosis Mic -Division Battle Anthem-+.

And in 2020, Division All Stars released the fan favorite, and up until July of the same year, in-game exclusive, Survival of the Illest.

Still in the same year, Division All Stars released the funky tune “SUMMIT OF DIVISIONS“. The song was included with the franchise’s Hypnosis Mic – Division Rap Battle – Official Guide Book.

A year later “Hypnosis Mic-Glory or Dust-“ was released.

The song featured a 3D CGI animated music video – the first one in the Hypnosis Mic -, going in line with the franchise’s recent bet in VR and CGI technology to improve the visibility of its contents.

A couple of months later and still in 2021, Division All Stars released an extended version of the groovy hit tune “Survival of the Illest“.

The reworked song was titled “Survival of the Illest+” and included Dotsuitare Hompo and Bad Ass Temple in the recording.

SwingCATS (2019 -)

Swing CATS

All in the same year, Kamio joined the cast of the jazz music project, JAZZ-ON!, as part of SwingCATS.

SwingCATS consist of Yuki Yonai, Wataru Komada, Shunichi Toki, Toshinari Fukamachi, Genki Okawa, Makoto Ishii, Arthur Lounsbery, and Shinichiro Kamio.

Kamio performed alongside fellow 81 Produce talent, Arthur Lounsbery, the song Lonely Junction (featured in the group’s 2020 single, Raining Cats).


When it comes to variety, Shinichiro Kamio is easily one of the bubbliest and most laidback hosts.

At the same time, he’s a witty guest that can, sometimes, sabotage the hosts if need be. Naturally funny and well-spoken, Kamio makes all eyes dart to him when he speaks.

Over the years he has collaborated with fellow seiyuu on their shows, co-hosted, and hosted a wide variety of entertaining shows.

Monthly Ensemble Studio! (2017 -)

Monthly Ensemble Studio!
Monthly Ensemble Studio! – Shinichiro Kamio and Yuki Ono

In 2017, Monthly Ensemble Studio!’s host, Shintaro Asanuma, gave way to a new hosting team.

Yuki Ono and Shinichiro Kamio have been hosting the monthly broadcast that covers all things Ensemble Stars!, as well as featuring guests from the franchises’ cast to go through challenges to award viewers with original gifts.

Haruki Ishiya’s Koharu Biyori (as guest in 2018)

In 2018, Shinichiro Kamio guested on Haruki Ishiya’s Nico Nico / YouTube show, Koharu Biyori.

Their relationship goes back to when both weren’t famous for their work in Hypnosis Mic (Ishiya in Buster Bros!!! and Kamio in MAD TRIGGER CREW) which led to genuinely laidback and candid episode.

Kamio Shinichiro no Cocktail Dinner Show (2019 -)

In 2019, Shinichiro Kamio kicked off his own monthly Nico Nico show.

Kamio Shinichiro no Cocktail Dinner Show is filled with the elegance of a classy bar, with Kamio preparing cocktails and cooking alongside special guests.

Shin chef no Suteki na Petit Course (2020 -)

Since 2020, Shinichiro Kamio helms his own cooking show on cookpad live.

In Shin chef no Suteki na Petit Course, Kamio showcases his cooking skills. And fans can’t get enough of him.

Comics More presents Ito Kento to erabu! Denshi Comic taisho (2020)

Kamio was invited to Kento Ito’s radio show, Comics More presents Ito Kento to erabu! Denshi Comic taisho. He guested alongside fellow male seiyuu, Shun Horie.

Kamio Shinichiro Game&Reading Night (2020 -)

Kamio kicked off his own livestream channel in the Japanese streaming platform,

For a small monthly fee, fans can watch and interact with Kamio on Kamio Shinichiro Game&Reading Night.

81 PRODUCE’s Let’s exercise On The Inside~ (2020)

In 2020, and due to the Coronavirus pandemic, 81 PRODUCE, one of the top seiyuu talent agencies in Japan and agency that currently represents Shinichiro Kamio, crafted a special corner to motivate people to exercise while in lockdown.

Kamio lent his voice to 1 of the various exercise videos released on the talent agencies’ YouTube channel.


A man of many hobbies

Kamio is pretty active and loves a wide variety of things.

His hobbies include performing magic (he’s on a professional level), imitating others, boxing, capoeira, playing Berimbau (Angolan / Brazilian percussion instrument used to set the rhythm in Capoeira), reading, watching movies, and cooking.

He’s also passionate about literature, going as far as founding the literature + lo-fi hip-hop unit KATARI in which he explores some of his favorite authors’ works and transforms those into riveting performances.

He’s a DJ on the side of his career as a voice actor, being frequently invited to DJ for events in Japan.

Professional Magician

Before being a seiyuu, Shinichiro Kamio was working for a company in the sales department and, in his free time, he’s practice magic.

He improved his trick, speaking, and presentation skills and ended up performing magic numbers at bars and events of the genre.

Knows everyone at 81 Produce

Kamio is the go-to man for information on some of 81 Produce’s talents.

On several occasions during Ensemble Stars!’s monthly broadcast, Kamio has dished out some details on his fellow male seiyuu at 81 including Yoshiki Nakajima, Soma Saito, Koutaro Nishiyama, Anju Nitta, and more.

Nothing escapes his eyes.

The “dirt” he has on all those seiyuu often leads to hilarious stories that he ends up sharing with viewers.

Loves martial arts

Shinichiro Kamio is really interested in martial arts. While in college he was part of the boxing club and he is currently learning Capoeira (Brazilian martial art that mixes fighting with dancing).


Shinichiro Kamio has showcased his creative side by collaborating with LIVERTINE AGE to create unique designs not once but twice.

In 2018 he designed a t-shirt and hoodie designs whereas in 2019 he designed t-shirts for LIVERTINE AGE.

With this, THTFHQ wraps up another Seiyuu Digest. In the meantime, don’t forget to check past Seiyuu Digests (some of those recently updated) – HERE.

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