Seiyuu Digest # 15 – Kensho Ono

Seiyuu Digest 15 Kensho Ono

A child actor and voice actor, Kensho Ono, grew up to be on of the most respected male seiyuu in the industry. This month we take a look at the career of the multi-talented seiyuu, stage actor and singer.

Kensho Ono

Kensho Ono

KANJI: 小野 賢章

BORN: October 5, 1989

OCCUPATION: seiyuu, stage actor, singer, radio personality

HEIGHT: 170cm


CCIAev4UAAAgpjWKensho‘s first steps into the industry were not the fastest ones, in 2001 he debuted in the seiyuu industry and it was only five years after, that he had his first role in the anime Tsubasa Chronicles in its 2nd season as Chaos, a minor role, but nevertheless a good start for him to gain some experience in the area.

After this first time, Kensho started to get, at least, one role every year and in known anime like, in 2008, he had a role as Ryo in Pokémon Diamond & Pearl, in 2012 he played Tetsuya Kuroko in Kuroko’s Basketball, the role that gave him a push and helped him get more popularity and recognition.

After that, one can say that Kensho hit the jackpot, because in the following years he got a role in the extremely hyped anime Magi: The Kingdom of Magic as Hakuryuu Ren. 

In 2013, a year later, he was really everywhere, in Aldnoah.Zero as Slaine Troyard, in Ace of Diamond as Raichi Todoroki, in Bakumatsu Rock as Souji Okita, in Shounen Hollywood: Holly Stage for 49 as Shun Maiyama, basically everywhere.

Mikaela Hyakuya

From 2014 and on, Kensho has been getting more and more work and this year, for example, he returned to Ace of Diamond‘s second season as Raichi, was in Charlotte as Takato and is in the currently airing anime series Seraph of the End (in both the 1st and 2nd season) as Mikaela Hyakuya.

In 2016 he’s already scheduled to be in the anime Bungou Stray Dogs as Ryounosuke Akutagawa.

Something we can’t forget to mention is that Kensho is officially Daniel Radcliffe’s voice in movies, such as in the Harry Potter series, but that’s not all, he’s also dubbed other movies like Pearl Harbor as Young Rafe McCawley.

Kensho also has a role in Toy Story 3 as Andy Davis. This part of his career serves to show you how talented and versatile he is, and let’s be honest he’s only 25 years old and already has this big resume, so we cannot say it isn’t impressive.


Now going to this other side of Kensho, as some of you might already know, he also works as a stage actor.

His first job in this area was in 1999 in the play 少年H (H Boy) as Itchan, a minor role but nevertheless a good way to gain experience. Two years later he was the main character in ライオン・キング ( The Lion King) as Yangushinba.

Muromachi Touji
Muromachi Touji

 In 2012 he was in the musical of the second season of The Prince of Tennis as Muromachi Touji.

Kensho Ono as Tajoumaru

Afterwards Kensho started to make reputation as a stage actor, obviously gaining lots of experience throughout the years, he had already the opportunity to co-act with other fellow seiyuu that are also stage actors, such as Kenjiro Tsuda, Yuki Fujiwara and Shouta Aoi in 2013 at Yabu no Naka as Tajoumaru, one of the main characters.

Co-acting with Shouta Aoi in Yabu no Naka
Co-acting with Shouta Aoi in Yabu no Naka

Especially in 2014, he has been getting lots of main roles in stage plays, which supports what it has been said since the beginning of this SEIYUU DIGEST, Kensho does it all and he does it well which, in return, helps him land more roles.

He was in My life〜 ima yori mo, sukoshi dake takai basho e 〜 as Akira Toudou, in Solid Star Produce Vol. 2 `Yobikou!’ as Akira Jinbo.


If being as seiyuu and a stage actor was not enough, he also hosts radio shows, such as  Kuroko’s Basketball Broadcasting Commission with Yuki Ono, since 2012.

Kensho and Yuki on Kuroko’s Basketball radio show

He has also hosted a radio show with Ryohei Kimura, a fellow seiyuu, Kensho to Ryohei no The CRANEKINGDOM radio and in 2013 it was Disorder6 ~a radio connected by chains, so we can say that he also has experience in this field.


Having debuted in 2014 with Fantastic Tune he won the JpopAsia Music Awards as Best New Artist.

This single, with a completely rock genre, was the ending theme of Kuroko no Basket’s second season. After his first release he has been continuing his career in this area and he has also released his first min-album Touch the Style and also a second single titled Zero.


 Kensho has been going to Lantis’ festival almost every years, promoting his work.

Kensho is an all-rounder seiyuu that really does an splendid job in each and every work he does, be it singing or acting (on stage or as a seiyuu). He is one of those voice-actors that really give their best to deliver the best to the public and do it with professionalism which is really good.

Although he had an advantage in the industry, by joining the industry so early, he did never got sloppy while working and he also did not get to comfortable with his “current” position, instead he is always searching for ways to improve and to give a better performance in every little or big project he works in is an extremely talented seiyuu that really has fame because of his work.

This is it for this SEIYUU DIGEST’s edition. We’ll be back next month with another brief look into a male seiyuu’s career.